Saturday, May 24, 2008

Surprise I updated my blog!

I know you are surprised to see that I updated my blog! Things have definitely been crazy in our house. Between Carter being sick, Ian playing sports, and of course working full time it doesn't leave me much time to relax on the computer. However in 10 days I will have 6 weeks off and I am SO excited! The boys and I had such a rough summer last year with Carter being born, getting sick, losing Simon, and many other crazy things we had happen. So this summer is our summer to have FUN, RELAX, and enjoy each other. Jeremy is working a new job now at Kent Dobbs Hyundai selling cars and he loves it. He will have Thursdays and Sundays off with us so that will be nice. On the days Jeremy works, the boys and I are going to veg out at home, take walks, go to the park, library, $1 movies, etc. I am really looking forward to it. Just a summer of fun! So in 10 days our luxurious summer will begin and my first born baby will complete his first year of school. No longer a kindergartner.....he will be getting ready to be a "big" first grader. Hard for me to believe. Of course as the year winds down I also have to say goodbye to my wonderful class of kindergartners and get ready to prepare for a new crew. So bring on good times....bring on summer!