Sunday, March 29, 2009

Branson Fun!!!

Well our spring break getaway to Branson was wonderful! We have been super busy since we have been back, so that is why I haven't even posted pictures yet. We got the boys some summer clothes and shoes. Jeremy and I also got a few things ourselves. Actually I got much more than Jeremy, but he would rather you just show up at home with him some clothes rather than have to shop for them himself! My sweet hubby did treat me to a new purse that I LOVE! My dad and stepmom got us a room at the Hilton down on the Landing that overlooks the Landing and the water show. It was a great spring break gift and we enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks again!!! We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, Texas Land and Cattle, and Macaroni Grill. Not to mention the ice cream, fudge, and goodies we snuck in between meals!!! The boys were both very good shoppers, I was very impressed! Of course the famous question each day we were there was when are we going swimming! We saved swimming til last each day because it wore them out really good and then when we got back to the room they were ready to crash! So basically a good time was had by all! When we came home we were greeted by Nana(my mom) and a super clean house with all the laundry done. It was a very nice treat! God has blessed us with amazing and giving parents! So wanted to share a few pics of our getaway!

Our room was the one right above the funnel cake stand with the big balcony!

So excited to be in Branson! First one to wake up the morning we left!

Bass Pro fish tank

Joe's Crab Shack

Playing in the fountain

Water and fire show. We got to watch it right from our balcony in our pajamas!

Orange sorbet, so yummy!

This is all he was waiting for! Forget all the new clothes and shoes!

Carter was a daredevil in the water.

Waiting for the last water show and playing possum!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Branson Bound!

So it has been a long past 6 months. God has blessed up each and everyday and each and everyday we have also learned many valuable lessons for life. Learning to BUDGET in a serious way with this crazy economy. Making things stretch when normally we would have thrown them out. At first it was really hard for me, I mean to not stop and get Starbucks if I really wanted it. There are so many things in life I guess I take for granted and then we had to scale back a bit. After few weeks of feeling sorry for myself :) it became like a game. How much could I save at the store using coupons, what kind of deals could I get at Walgreens, etc. Well as luck would have it business has picked up a bit and we have nested some money away to take a much needed getaway! Nothing too fancy or exciting just a road trip to Branson and we are all thrilled! Just a few days away. No cooking, cleaning, wood from the storm to cut and clean up. Just some good ol family time! We plan to do some summer shopping for the boys, new clothes, shoes, etc. and of course a few new things for Momma and Daddy as well! As long as there is some indoor pool time penciled in that is all they care about. So the top three pics were as follows:
Ian and Carter-SWIMMING!
Daddy-a BIG breakfast buffet
Doesn't take much to please us does it??? So we are headed out tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Thursday night. I can't wait and I know we are going to have a GREAT much needed time!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ladyback Fun!

So last Sunday they had a big elementary school day at the Ladyback game. All of our 3rd-5th grade students got family tickets and 2 tickets for free popcorn and drinks. So lucky for us the teachers got them too! So we loaded up the boys and went to watch the game. There we met up with lots of my teacher friends that also have little ones, so we had a great time and so did the boys! Ian got his picture made with Pork Chop so he was happy!

Carter on the other hand met Pork Chop and gave him 5, but that was about as far as he would go! So needless to say we had soda, popcorn, and thanks to Clarisa cotton candy! Now you know in our house it is ALL boys, so when Carter had Clarisa's two little girls sitting right in front of him with pig tails in, he just couldn't resist! He was mesmerized by their ponies!!! He kept touching them and spinning them around his finger! It was too cute! Not cute enough to give him a little sister of his own....but it was cute!

Then some really good friends of ours adopted a baby this past year and they were sitting right by us and Carter decided he needed to feed Brady his afternoon snack, so you will see Brady chowing down with Carter assisting!!!

Ian ate the entire bag of cotton candy! As you can see from the pics it was really yummy! The only reason I know is because he gave me one bite!

Then as we are headed to the car, Carter decided to play a little hard to get! It was a battle of the wills and he was gonna run! So basically it ended in a standoff!

Here is the stand off!!!

Daddy won, but Carter was giggling the whole time!
The Ladybacks did win and a good time was had by all!