Friday, July 16, 2010

One more sleep...................................

and I can pick this adorable guy up! I can't wait! I would like to say I have been counting the days, but I have actually probably been counting the hours and minutes. Ian has been away from home many times usually no more than a few nights. However he is always with family or at his best friend Jett's house and I can talk to him whenever I want. So him being gone for 1 whole week and not getting to talk to him has been SO hard for me. I really don't know who missed him more me, Carter, or Jeremy. When you have gotten used to being a family of 4 and one leaves for a week the dynamic changes. Carter has been so needy and so lonely the whole week. We have tried to give him extra special time while his bubba was gone, but let me just say he wants bubba home NOW! Wanted to share a few pictures of our first journey into Camp War Eagle. From the sounds of Ian's postcard, a few pics I have seen, and a little birdy I would say that this will not be our last trip down War Eagle Lane(at least I have a year to prepare for him going that I mean emotionally prepare!). This is when we pulled in and he was tagged with his cabin number. I knew he was in good hands when he met his first counselor and he started jumping up and down like a crazy person cheering for Ian's first time at camp!
Getting Ian's bunk ready for a weeks stay.

The bus ride from the parking lot to get Ian signed in and ready to take his swim test. Which he passed with flying colors!
This is one of the swimming areas. Slide, trampolines, Blob, log rolling, and so much more!

Ian had his fingers crossed all the way out to camp that him and Micah would get to bunk together and he was so excited when he found out they would not only be roomies, but also bunk mates!!! This helped put mom at ease too :)

Pretty toasty, so glad we invested in a fan!!!

Daddy really wanted to stay, but Ian said NO WAY!

My boys! A little birdy has told us that Ian has spent A LOT of time here!!!!
This camp has so much to offer. Jeremy and I were amazed at all the activities and staff this camp has. Ian's postcard said that he has played mini golf, archery, and sockball(I am sure I will understand this better once he gets home). Well you have seen the camp through my eyes, so my next post will be through Ian's eyes. I just know that he has had a blast and will be counting the weeks until the next time. I know this time tomorrow I will have my big boy back home and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many questions I want ask, so he better be ready for a late night date with momma!!!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dear MOJO please come back to me..............

Okay I have not updated this blog since May. I read this and thought May really.......I mean it is already July. Trust me when I say it is not because time has flown by because I can honestly say this has been a very long 3 months for our family. I honestly have just lost my mojo for my blog, facebook, chat, etc. I remember when Jeremy was having surgery and going through chemo and I was so inspired and so much to write about and say. However right now I feel very lost at what direction to take on my blog. I want to get back to regularly scheduled programming, but for some reason it is not as easy as I thought it would be. Looking back I remember in high school thinking next is college then marriage then babies. It all happened in that order just as I thought it would. Then after everything happened in just the right order I feel as if the floor fell out from under me. Don't get me wrong I am BLESSED I am blessed beyond belief I am just a little lost in this journey of life. So for all my amazing friends and blog buddies out there I am coming around slowly but surely. Praying for God to get me back on track for the sake of my family, friends, and upcoming new kindergartners I will be meeting very soon.