Friday, September 5, 2008

Gingivostomatitis ever heard of it?'s miserable!

Well Carter has had a rough last 7 days. We found out last Saturday that he had the chicken pox.. It was absolutely miserable. The picture above is of him watching Barney(aka Bawkey!), but wanting to go somewhere(hence the shoes!). You can see where I marked his chicken pox with a black sharpie, so that I could make sure that is what it really was! As you can see from the picture they were definitely multiplying! However in the midst of that he began to get very fussy and nothing would settle him down. By Monday night he was running a temp of about 103 and it has stuck all week long. On Friday we went back to the dr to try and figure out why he is constantly screaming and running the high fever. I had noticed a few places in his mouth, but in the beginning attributed them to the chicken pox however when we laid him down and the pediatrician and I looked in his mouth, there were sores everywhere. I don't mean little small sores I mean big pussy sores that look like the worst things I have ever seen. Apparently they are on his mouth, tongue, gums, tonsils, etc. He is absolutely miserable and is still crying constantly. He doesn't want to eat or drink anything, so we are having to really push liquids so that he doesn't get dehydrated. I can honestly say that this is the absolute worst thing he has ever had. I think I would rather him have the flu, ear infection, strep throat all at the same time instead of this. Everything he puts in his mouth hurts and/or burns. There is no way to give him any relief at all. We have probably gotten 2 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. When we left the pediatrician's office yesterday I just sat in my car and cried. I mean it breaks my heart to see all those sores in his mouth because now it is so clear how miserable he truly is. Luckily my mom was able to come back last night, she intended to give me some relief however he wants nothing to do with anyone except his momma. However just some company at night when he is screaming bloody murder is help.
Ian is gone this weekend with his Papaw and Tata to St. Louis. I am so glad because it has been miserable here and he deserves to get away and have some fun. Last I heard he was sitting in Busch Stadium rooting on the Cardinals. Unfortunately they lost, but he is still having a blast! Tomorrow he is planning to go up in the arch and he is so excited!
We are going to see how Carter is tomorrow. If he is still running a high fever and screaming we are thinking we may have to take him to the emergency room to get him more relief than we can give him.