Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Talk-Letters to God

For all you literacy extraordinaires you can appreciate a "book talk". We encourage our students to share their love of books with their peers. Even in kindergarten we want the kids to share books that they enjoyed and tell us why they liked it. So tonight as I finished a book I felt like I had to share it with the world(or okay maybe the handful of people that read my blog :). About a week ago my stepmom aka Tata gave a me book and told me that I would really enjoy it and wow she was right. It was such a touching story and I related to so many aspects of the story.This book is amazing. We have had so many things go awry in our life that I just sit and wonder the whys and hows of life. This book is a fiction story written by an author that lost his own son to a battle. This book is a masterpiece of hope and a faithful spirit. Even when life is tragic and you just don't know how you can muddle through another day, this book shows you how to have hope. The story begins with the tragic death of a young woman's husband. While trying to heal from this tragedy her 7 year old son is diagnosed with brain cancer. Even though this situation is not the same as ours, it is similar life experiences. It feels like my life of just when we have come up for air we are knocked down yet again. It makes you see that you can survive and that you have to continue to have hope and trust in God. Whether you do that in prayer, letters, quiet time, bible study. You have to do what your own spirit and soul need. This book shows how important it is to stop and think about our faith and where it is or maybe even how you show it. I am not an in your face church goer, never have been never will be. But do I have a strong faith, do I have a relationship with God? Absolutely! Do I spend my quiet time everyday with him whether it be in devotion or prayer? Yes! I just am not an in your face person. Do I talk to my friends about my faith, scripture, and prayer, uh yes you can just ask one of my very best friends Melissa! We have this discussion many nights about what comforts us or helps us. Many nights we have said WHY or HOW COME or WHAT NEXT and our conversation always ends as this.....I will continue to pray for you and she will continue to pray for me.
The book ends with this scripture:
You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody.
2 Corinthians 3:2
Just as the child showed me in this book we are Gods word, walking, living, breathing. Not everyone may read the bible however we are his bible walking through each day that everyone will see and read.