Monday, May 4, 2009

We survived April!

Ok so I have been a terrible blogger, but partly because it was April! April is the dreaded month for us because it is so CRAZY! The month begins with both the boys birthday, yes we are now 2 and 7! Hard to believe! *Pictures of parties coming soon!* From there we have Easter, so you guessed it not only do we have lots of bday goodies but also Easter bunny goodies. So by this point my house is usually a disaster! From there begins our state testing at school. I am our schools test coordinator which means that I am in charge of making sure that we follow ALL the states wonderful rules of security and test administration. Good times! That consumes almost 3 weeks of the month because we have K-2 testing one week, 3-5 testing, and then we have make up testing. Not to mention all the coding, sorting, counting, packaging etc. The good news is I do get a little $ incentive for doing this. Granted nothing probably for the time I put in, but we usually use it for a little summer get a way to Branson. In the midst of testing is always when baseball starts, so that adds a little more to our already busy calendar! Now in the mean time Carter decided to get hit with rotovirus not fun at all and then a few weeks later Ian got hit with what we think was possibly then flu and wouldn't you know April ended with me in bed sick! So this explains why my blogging went from not so great to TERRIBLE! May is here and I am beginning to feel some better and ready for a fresh start!