Sunday, August 19, 2007

"The First Day"

Well tomorrow marks the first day of school. From a teacher's point of view it is weird to say that I am nervous. I mean you always know that the kiddos are nervous because they are going to have a new teacher or teachers and they don't know whose class their friends will have. But hey it is actually just as nerve wracking for a teacher. I am excited about meeting my new kindergarten students, but at the same time know that when they walk in tomorrow we are going to be starting at square one! We will have to learn to walk in a line down the hallway, recess rules, how to eat in the cafeteria, how to follow rules in the classroom, some of them being away from mom and dad for the first time. So needless to say I am a little nervous!

Now on the flip side I am also nervous for Ian my sweet baby starting kindergarten. It seems like he was born just yesterday and now he is starting kindergarten. He is such a shy bug and it makes me so nervous for him. He doesn't like big groups of people and especially if they are strangers, so I know that tomorrow is going to be hard for him. So all in all we are a house full of nerves and excitement tonight. I have just finished packing our lunches, laying out our clothes, and getting all those brand new supplies packed!!!! So with that I will sign off. I will let you know how Ian and I do with our first day jitters!


Jane said...

Jill you and Ian will both do wonderful! I'm sure by this time tomorrow night you will both be exhausted but so proud of yourselves.

Best of luck and lots of hugs and prayers that is all goes perfectly!

Sandra said...

Hope you both do well Jill!!! Hugs!

Michelle said...

I hope both of you had a wonderful first day of school!

Elizabeth said...

I hope that your week is going well thus far and that your year is great too!!!