Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Well Sunday was Jeremy's 33rd birthday!!!!!! We started the day by going to church and from there we had family pictures done. Not one of Jeremy's favorite things to do, but he agreed. However who knew that it was going to be freezing cold and windy! I mean I know it is winter, but we have had so many mild days and then of course the one day we have family pictures it was miserable. We had a minisession with a great new found friend of mine Brandy(I work with her husband and they are a sweet family) who has Foshe Fotos. She is wonderful and if you need some family photos, she does a great job! I told Brandy if I can just get one good family pic I would be happy. We are going to do a full session next summer when all is done! If there are any pictures with out Carter screaming CHEESE at the top of his lungs, I will share them! He was quite the mess during the whole session. However I bribed with gum, so hoping for one decent one.

Here a few pics of Jeremy's birthday. Carter is obsessed with birthday cake! As soon as he sees any type of cake or desert he starts yelling, "we sing happy birthday NOW". Usually we just please him and sing it! However he knew on this particular day we needed candles! So we sang to daddy, blew out the candles NUMEROUS times, and then Carter stuck his finger right in the middle of the cake!

So after the family pics, we headed to Texas Land and Cattle for Jeremy's birthday dinner. It is so yummy. They have the best smoked sirloin ever! The boys were so well behaved and ate everything on their plates. From there we headed to Hibbett and got Jeremy some new tennis shoes for his birthday present. After that we decided to cruise through Target. We didn't really get anything, just walked and enjoyed all being out together. As we were leaving we decided to have a little treat from Starbucks and the boys had frozen cokes from Target snack bar. Everyone was happy! There was also a small prize for whoever was the best for our family pictures.....as you already know from reading above Ian won that by a landslide. So when we were in Target Ian reminded me that he won the 2 dollars and these wrestling cards conveniently cost 2 dollars, so I had to put my money where my mouth was!

Peppermint Mocha.....YUMMY!

Carter was tuckered out after all that celebrating!

Ok so this is payoff on a wedgie bet! Ian took the Redskins and Jeremy took the Saints. As you can see the Saints won and Ian is fixing to endure his wedgie. Yes I live with 3 boys!!!!!!!!!! That is obvious!
Jeremy is getting his 11th treatment right now. We saw Dr. B last week and got a good report. He said that all Jeremy's level continue to be good. Jeremy is still scheduled for his last chemo the week of Christmas. He will have his pump removed on Christmas Eve. From there Dr. B has put in orders for Jeremy to have a CT scan, PET scan, and colonoscopy the first week of January. After those are all complete we will meet back with Dr. Bradford and discuss results. We are praying for good results! Jeremy is praying that after that appointment he can schedule surgery to have his port taken out!
Thank yous to catch up on:
*Dave and Linnea took us to a wonderful dinner at the Country Club. We enjoyed it and the boys love going there and having dinner with them! Jeremy and I love to have the adult conversation with someone other than each other :)
*Thank you to some very sweet emails we have gotten over the last few weeks. It is so nice hear those constant reminders that you are still praying and cheering Jeremy on.
* I have to thank the Loenneke family for all the FUN times you have given to Ian. He not only has fulfilled his dream of getting to be a walker, but he enjoys spending time with your family so much. We are so blessed that Ian and Jett have become such good friends, which in turn has allowed us to become such good friends and coffee drinkers :)
*Thank you to Brandy for bringing me the new Carrie Underwood cd :) and also for the wonderful dinner and DELICIOUS cookies you brought! You are so sweet and always taking care of us.
*I am sure I am forgetting someone, but it will come to me I promise, maybe in the middle of the night, but I will remember!
Happy Tuesday to you all!!!!

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Danielle said...

Hey Jill! I found your blog, yay!! It was great getting to meet you the other night and visit with you and your sweet boys.