Friday, July 13, 2007

A Mom's Taxi

Well thought I should post while I have a minute. Tonight Ian has lots of stuff going on which of course means a busy night for mom the taxi driver!. First stop is a birthday party for a couple of kiddos that our famliy is real good friends with. Second stop (at 8:30 I might add!) Ian has a tball game. He plays on the Timber Rattlers. He is absolutely in love with tball and I am so glad because he is kind of a shy kiddo sometimes.
So unfortunately the party won't be too much fun at first because Ian is SO shy and usually we go to a bday party and he sticks to me until it is almost time to go and then he if fine. Bless his heart it just takes him so long to get warmed up and feel comfortable and then we he does it is over.
Then off to the ballgame where he truley does think he is the "big man on campus". He goes up to bat while cheesing at his cheering section the whole way! Then when he gets a run he runs on homebase and then once again cheeses at his cheering squad again! It is so precious. Now the first time he got called out at 2nd his heart was broken and mine too, I felt so bad for him. I know I know it is only a game, but my sweet baby got called out for the very first time in his life and he was devasted and yes to answer your question I did have tears!
Guess I better freshen up and change out of my comfie clothes and head to our night full of events! Good weekend to all!!!!!


Jane said...

Oh ball means so much to the little ones. I loved watching the kids play ball while it was still fun. You need the tag I used to have for my car it said mom's taxi :)

donnacr said...

Jill , welcome to the land of kids sports and the start of your taxi business ! LOL ! Enjoy every precious moment ... and it wouldn't be the last time you have tears for your Big boy and sports !

christina said...

aren't they sooo stinkin cute when they play sports LOL. i just love it and i bet he was devastated to be called out :(

i understand about the shyness, dyllan was like that at that age. he still is shy but not like he used to be LOL.

Michelle said...

I love watching kids play ball! My nephew plays baseball and I go to his games ocassionally and they are fun! But also heartbreaking when he strikes out, which he does most of the time.

Sandra said...

Jill...Kayla was super shy when she was little - well she still is - but she used to squeeze my fear i'd leave. Birthday parties were horrible!!
I can't wait to see BALL PICS!!