Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Jackson

Baby Jackson has been on a roller coaster ride since my last post, but as of tonight his oxygen levels are good and he is now out of the oxygen tent. He is so precious and his mommy and daddy are so proud. Jackson is still being fed by a tube and is under a "tanning light". He will be in NICU the rest of the week, but we are all hoping and praying that by next week maybe they could begin thinking about maybe going home. Yesterday they found a leak in his lower right lung, so he spent 24 hours in an oxygen tent. Praise God, they think that the leak has healed on its own. God is so good! The hardest part for Christina has been not being able to hold her newborn baby and feeling like he needs her and she can't be there to comfort him. This morning she got to hold him for 20 minutes and he smiled and opened his eyes. I know Christina's heart was filled with so much love and hapiness. I am posting a picture of mommy with her brand new sweet precious baby!

Another blog that I read faithfully http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ also had her baby the same day that Jackson was born. Their little girl's name is Harper and she immediately had trouble breathing after she was born. She was air vac'd to Tulsa and is in intensive care. Please lift little Harper up in prayer she has a long road ahead, you can see by their blog that her parents have a very strong faith and fully believe in the strength of God and power of prayer. Please pray for both these precious babies. Both their parents have long awaited their arrival after having infertility and/or miscarriages.

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