Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on Baby Jackson

I am asking you to please keep the prayers coming. Baby Jackson was sent by helicopter today to Children's Hospital in Little Rock. They found pneumonia in his lungs and his stomach was very big and bloated this morning. The doctors at Mercy still could find any answers, so after discovering that he has developed a hernia in his tummy they have decided it is time for him to be sent to Little Rock. Christina and Scott had to drive there of course with Christina's mom following them. They have made arrangment to stay in a hotel until they know how long they will be there. They are both at peace with the move there and feel like Jackson will definetly get the care he needs. They are nervous but have faith in the Lord and all the doctors and nurses that are already caring for him. At this time they are thinking that there is something going on in his belly or digestion, but they are not sure. Tomorrow will be a day of tests and lots of waiting. Once again thank you so much for your continued prayers. I will try to update tomorrow.

Baby Jackson in his tanning bed and his oxygen tent.

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