Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little Catching up to do

Okay so obviously we got good news and I disappeared! Well I didn't really disappear, but then again actually I kind of did! The day after we got the good news I left to go to a kindergarten conference in Little Rock. Crazy I know! Jeremy told me I would get snowed in and I better go prepared, so I did. I was actually going for a specific speaker that I have ALWAYS wanted to hear speak.....well more about that in a few. So a coworker and I headed to the Embassy Suites in Little Rock. I know that many of you think aaww I hate that you got snowed in at Little Rock, well you can stop right there feeling sorry for me :) because it was actually very glorious. I did miss all my boys terribly however I had breakfast cooked to order every morning, bed made by some else, nap time whenever I wanted, Happy Hour, uninterrupted bubble baths, and 4 nights of uninterrupted sleep. So yes even though I did miss my boys the trip was wonderful and very relaxing. So Sunday we made the venture home and luckily by then the roads were pretty clear. The best news is that by the time I got home our house was still standing :), dryer fixed, laundry done, and of course 3 happy boys ready to see me!!!! So yes I do have a little catching up to do, but I had a great workshop, mini vacation, and made it home safe and sound. Now the bad news is that speaker I sacrificed my life for getting to hear..........yes you guessed it didn't make it! Go figure, isn't that the luck. He did try however, but the Little Rock airport had shut down and he could not fly in. I was so disappointed. I did learn a lot, but had looked forward to that so much. So Jack Hartman wherever you are I will hear you speak I promise, I am not giving up!!!!!


Reba said...

Oh no! Bummer about the speaker! We heard him a few years ago at a kindergarten conference. Hopefully you can hear him sometime. I have to admit, it sounds like bliss to me to have four days to myself like that. :) Glad you were able to get away. Have a good rest of the week.

Joyce said...

Well... at least you got a mini vacation out of it!