Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunshine, Olympics, and Taekwondo

Okay so our week has been made up of a little of each of these! The sunshine broke through today and it was glorious! You could tell everywhere you went that everyone had a little more pep in their step and was enjoying the beautiful day. It is so funny to me how even though it was only 30 degrees this morning, it seemed very warm. I mean when you have been living in a blizzard and below 0 temperatures it makes what we used to think was so cold feel warm! I mean Ian even busted out a short sleeve shirt, which he would wear everyday if he could.
So now that the Winter Olympics have started we find ourselves watching them every night. It is the like the one thing we all enjoy watching together, well besides Survivor and American Idol. However I seem to be the only one that will watch figure skating(go figure! I live with all boys!). Last night snowboarding was a big hit and tonight skiing. We love watching all the sports and of course the competitiveness in Ian he likes watching how many medals the USA has and if we are in the lead.
The other thing that has consumed our week is taekwondo. Tomorrow night Ian will be testing for his camo belt. I am so proud of how hard he has worked! I love that he is so eager to learn and compete. Then on Saturday we will be traveling to Conway for a taekwondo tournament. Ian will be competing in 3 things. He is doing his form(about 18 taekwondo moves), one step moves(where he is competing against another student), and weapons(he has been training in nunchucks). The best part is Jeremy took off on Saturday to go with us and 2 sets of grandparents have been asking lots of questions about when and where we will be, so thinking we will have some surprise cheerleaders! This is only Ian's 2nd tournament and the 1st one I was a nervous wreck! He however is so excited, cool, calm, and collective.
Jeremy is adjusting to the world of remission! A glorious thing to adjust to, however definitely a few unexpected bumps along the way. He went to the dentist yesterday which he thought would be a routine cleaning only to find out he isn't supposed to have any dental work done without taking a strong dose of antibiotics before he goes in. Needless to say they stopped mid cleaning. Live and learn that's our motto.
Hope you all are having a great February! Can you believe it is already mid February? Crazy to me! Where does time go?

I have a couple of prayer requests: A teacher I work with, her husband had a tumor removed. They are waiting on the pathology report this week. I pray that his results come back good. I know the scary roller coaster they are on right now and how they are holding their breath until they get some answers. I also am asking for prayers for a family member that is near and dear to us that is also waiting for some test results.

Please don't think I have left poor sweet little Carter out of this post because that is not the case at all. I am just too tired to tell you the amazing adventures of this little man. I will be posting a LONG post soon about him that involves..................................................................................................

a toilet! I know you are not surprised at all! I have to get everything fixed and repaired before I can post about a funny story that at this point is still not quite so funny!

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Reba said...

It did seem like the whole world just came to life today! I loved seeing the sunshine. It was much needed. We have been recording the Olympics and enjoyed watching some of it tonight. The snowboarding last night was unbelievable. I hope the taekwondo goes very well! Take LOTS of pictures.