Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Spring Break,

I have been counting the days until you arrive. I only have to wait your arrival 2 more days and I cannot wait. Please please please be everything I have dreamed of. We have no plans, but to enjoy the whole week and play. I hope you live up to all my expectations. Oh yes and if the sun could shine that would be wonderful. Look forward to seeing you soon!!!! I can honestly say you actually can't get here soon enough.
All my Love,

P.S. If Carter could become full time potty trained over the break that would be absolutely blissful!

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Reba said...

I second that note to spring break. We want to get outside. We don't want anything freezing falling from the sky. We want sun. Sun and warmth and lots of playtime. And if Carter figures out the potty thing, please feel free to have him teach J-man. I turned in his preschool paperwork yesterday for next year...dependent on this very issue...