Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taken with Taekwondo

Well the title says it all! Ian is definitely taken with taekwondo. We signed him up when Jeremy first got diagnosed because we had been throwing the idea around for months. At that point we knew the timing was perfect and it would give Ian his own thing and his own goals! Well he has definitely attained those goals. We traveled to his 2nd taekwondo tournament a couple of weeks ago in Conway. Well we had no idea he would come home with 3 medals! I mean obviously we would have been happy with one, but 3......we were QUITE proud! Okay so I know a lot of this taekwondo lingo means nothing to some of you, but out of respect to my taekwondo expert I will use the proper terms! Ian got 1st place in his weapons competition. He competed with his new nunchucks that he was so excited about learning. Ian's wonderful taekwondo instructor came up to Asbell over our intersession week and taught him what we call lunchroom nunchucks! He had his first crash course in the Asbell lunchroom and can I say that must have been a lucky spot for him because got 1st! He got 2nd in his form and another 1st place in one step. He didn't place in one steps in his last tournament, so he went to his tournament ready to get revenge! Well he got it! I honestly could not have been more proud of him. Not because he brought home 3 medals, but because when he was waiting to compete and the kids around him were going buck wild crazy he was sitting there just like a black belt would! He was such a good sport. I am sure many of you have been to sporting events where there are those few parents that are not good sports and unfortunately they let everyone know it! Well Ian never let this phase him. I also love that after he won he was so excited and proud, but not over the top. He wore his medals with pride, but in no way rubbed in any ones face about how well he did. At one point he even took them off and put them in his bag. I mean it was honestly those moments that made me so proud! Now on the other hand I was skipping through that gym not having any trouble telling people what he won! I mean if I wasn't a grown woman I would have worn his medals! Okay so I was a proud momma! Ian was so excited because Jeremy got to go with us and then Nana and Grandpa Ted met us there. Of course his BFF Jett was also there, so Ian's day was made! Daddy's day was made when we stopped at Russellville and ate at Whattaburger!
Now I do want to say that when kids are involved in extracurricular activities such as this two things matter. One is you will get out of it what you put into it and this to me shows with Ian because he practices ALL the time. He is obsessed, but that is good and part of the reason he is so successful! The second is the coach or teacher makes ALL the difference in the world. I must say that Ian's instructor Mrs. Gray is SUPER AWESOME! She is phenomenal and there are no words to say how great she is. It doesn't matter if this woman has 2 kids in front of her or 22 kids she has the kids learning and captivated. Ian loves her and pretty much believes what she says or does is gospel! The values she teaches the kids is amazing! I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions we have made to put Ian in taekwondo and it definitely came along at the perfect time in our lives.
Many have asked what about Carter taking taekwondo and to take taekwondo you have to be potty trained. As you know from previous posts he is great at putting lots of things in the potty, but unfortunately none of it is things that are supposed to be there..........if you know what I mean! Don't get me wrong though Carter does his own version of all the moves, so his day will come I am sure. I mean he may be 6 years old, but he will have to be out of a diaper before he can start!
On another exciting note we just found out that Ian got accepted into Camp War Eagle for this summer! We are so excited! I mean I am of course a little nervous about him being gone for a whole week, but he doesn't seem nervous at all! I think it will be a great time for him and I know he will make so many new friends and experience so many fun adventures!


Reba said...

That is so awesome! I am so happy and proud for him too. He has obviously been working hard and it shows! (I won't say anything about the bad sports parents...I may be married to one after hearing reports of Lauren's last b-ball game :) How awesome too about about Camp War Eagle. I didn't send Lauren's application in...I think it is probably too late. Oops. Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. Have a good week!

Ashley Lester said...

I am so proud of Ian!!! He is such a sweet boy! So glad he will be my son-in-law someday;)