Sunday, May 9, 2010

As life goes on......

Do you remember that show Life Goes On? That is what this post made me think of. I haven't posted on my blog in weeks. Partly because it proves to me that life goes on and part of me is because I have kind of avoided some of the parts of my everyday life: blog, facebook, lesson plans, etc. Well I have had to pray many nights to accept the fact that life does go on. I may not necessarily like it or be happy about the absences I have in my life, but life in fact does go on. Please don't think I do not realize how blessed I am because I am I know that. I have 2 wonderful children, an amazing husband, the most supportive and strong parents anyone could ever ask for, and the best friends in this world. However my heart still hurts, I still lay in bed at night and pray and wonder why, I still have to stop and realize at some points that this really happened. Then for my children I have to stop and realize life goes on. We still have birthdays, we still lose teeth, we still celebrate good grades at school, baseball games, potty training, etc. Somehow for a few weeks I forgot all that existed and now I am at the point of grieving where I still hurt so bad, but for the sake of my children, my husband, my family, and my friends I know that I have to accept that life does in fact go on. With that being said I am sure that I will still share some of my grief, some of my memories and most importantly my faith in God.
Two very special boys in my life celebrated very special days in the month of April. Carter turned 3 and Ian turned 8. Carter had a party at Jump Zone and it was a blast! The beauty of his party is that Bo, Lori, and the girls were there. Carter had a great time and you can tell by how incredibly sweaty he was! We got some amazing pictures of his party from a good friend of ours Brandy(thanks again Brandy, you gave us some amazing memories we had no idea at that moment how much we would appreciate them). Ian had a skating party. Ian and his friends had a great time! I actually remember seeing a few moms and dads having a great time too. Thank you to all of you that made the boys birthdays so special.

I love this picture for 2 reasons. One you can see Bo watching his nephews and daughters playing like crazy! Two I am holding one of my best friends sweet baby girl that Carter spends everyday with. I love her to pieces!

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Andrea said...

Oh Jill!! Your boys are beautiful!!! I'm stil praying for all of you!