Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halfway Point!

Well we finally feel like we are halfway there! Today Jeremy is receiving his 6th chemo treatment. I will say he is getting a little bit irritable :), but he is hanging in there. This morning when he got up he said I do not want to do this anymore and then he tried to talk the nurse out of his treatment.......needless to say he lost out and is getting treatment. His blood levels are looking good. His hemoglobin level is a little low, but they are going to continue to watch it each week. I am so proud of how he is hanging in there. Next week will be a big week because they are going to do another PET scan on Monday and we will get the results at an appointment with Dr. B on Wednesday. I would like to say we are not nervous, but we are definitely nervous and holding our breath. We have been praying to God everyday that the PET scan will come back with good results.

Jeremy felt really good this weekend, so on Sunday we took the boys to the park to feed the ducks and play. They were so excited! It was surprisingly quite warm out, so Carter of course sweated like crazy! I swear that boy can run across the living room and break a sweat........just like his daddy. There are lots of park pics! The boys had fun and my favorite part of the day was watching Jeremy crawl through the tube because Carter didn't want to do it by himself and also watching Ian take care of his little brother. Carter was scared of going across the bridge, so each time he would go over that way Ian would hold his hand to help him get across the bridge, it melted my heart. Brotherly love........most of the time!

I shared my book I was reading last week that was so good, The Yada Yada Prayer Group. I finished it this past weekend and loved it, so last night I got on Amazon and ordered the next 3! I am counting the days til they get here! I have all next week off and lots of time to be spent at the doctors office, so I am hoping they get here before then! I bet Jeremy is hoping so too because it means more time on the computer for him! If I am into a good book I don't fight him for it! A new book I have been reading was given to me by a lady I have known and worked with for a few years. Her husband has also been going through the cancer battle and she shared an amazing book with me. It is called When God and Cancer Meet. The author of this book is a colon cancer survivor and had many of the same procedures and chemo that Jeremy is having done. She shares her story and many other cancer survivor stories throughout each chapter. It is a very uplifting book and ties in numerous cancer stories and their faith. The book was exactly what we needed and I feel so blessed that Sandra got it for us. I get many messages and emails from people that read our blog because they are either going through something similiar or they know someone who is, so this is a wonderful book to pass along to them.
Ok so now I have to share the most touching story ever. Last Thursday Jeremy and I met at his softball teams game. We haven't been able to go to one because they play on Thursdays and usually that is Jeremy's day he doesn't feel great and usually rests a lot, so this past Thursday Ian and Jeremy had a dinner date after school(story for another time :) and Carter and I had a dinner date with Ashley, Lexi, and Ayden. Afterwards we met up at the softball game. Unfortunately Cobra Kai lost their game, but after the game they wanted to get a team picture because the day of Jeremy's surgery in June they played in the tournament for the championship and won!!! The team all gathered around and they presented Jeremy with the 1st place trophy. Jeremy and I were both speechless. It was the absolute sweetest thing they ever could have done. They said the night of the championship game when Jeremy was in the hospital they said they were going to win for him and when they won they were going to present him with the trophy. We had no idea about this, but we were both so touched. I will post pics of the team as soon as I get them. As you can see the boys had to pose with the huge trophy when we got home. They are determined that trophy is going in their room! Temporarily and I do mean temporarily:) it has a special spot in the living room on the computer armoire, but eventually we will put it in their room. I can't tell you what a special group of guys and girls this is! Jeremy has played with them for years and really misses playing this season, but plans to be back up and on 3rd base next year! Thank you to Cobra Kai, it means a lot to Jeremy and myself! Hoping you bring home another trophy this season!!!!!!!
Thank you to our wonderful neighbors once again for taking care of all our yard work and for the wonderful food you always bring to us. Once again we are so blessed to have Jim and Lisa in our life. When we moved into our house, the house next door to us was empty. I remember wondering who would move in there. Little did I know at that point how important the family that moved into that house would be in our life.
Please pray for Jeremy's PET scan next week, we are praying for good news! Also pray for his treatment and that his body can continue to tolerate it in a fairly comfortable manner. One thing that I have been praying for this week is that God will continue to bless our family. As I am sure you can imagine the medical bills pile up and become a little overwhelming, but God continues to provide for us. Our family has been blessed. When this started Jeremy and I made a deal, he focuses on getting well and I will take care of the paperwork and bills. I am kind of bad because as soon as I get the mail I have to hide it because I will catch Jeremy pondering over everything and freaking out, so I hide everything. I know Fall and Winter will be a slower time in the car business, so I pray everyday that God will continue to bless us and help us to provide for our family.
I hate to disappoint with no toilet stories this week, but Carter has managed to stay out of the toilet for an entire week! I am not holding my breath though! Hope you all have a blessed week!

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