Sunday, September 20, 2009

SUPER Sunday!!!!!!!!!

I should say Super Saturday and Sunday! This was such a glorious weekend! I can honestly say tomorrow I will go back to work rested, organized, and ready for a great week. I feel like the past few weeks we have just kind of skated by and things around our house have been a little helter skelter and this weekend I finally rested up on Saturday and today we got ALOT done around the house. It is so nice! We have not had many "normal" weekends or days since about June, so it was so nice to feel like we had some of our regularly scheduled programming back! Ian once again spent the entire weekend with his friend Tyler across the street, so that left Carter and I on our own all day Saturday. For starters Carter and I slept in until need to go back and read that again, I did say 11:30. I know you are thinking ok this is the child that used to not sleep and when he did sleep he had night terrors and now this woman is telling me he slept until 11:30, it's for real and it was glorious!!!!! When I rolled over and looked at the clock I could not believe my eyes! Once Carter and I got up we had a little brunch, watched tv and of course some football, snuggled on the couch, and watched it rain. We cooked up some meals for the week. I fixed a Mexican lasagna(that is one of Jeremy and I's favorite), lasagna, and chicken. I decided I have to get back to my old menu making. Each week I make a menu for the week and try to fix a few of the dishes ahead of time since the week gets so busy when we are in school. The fun thing that Carter and I did was make homemade clay. He got to choose the flavor of his clay and he chose chocolate......just like his mommy would have!

Carter's little hands at work! This is him making a motorcycle! He of course did have to try the clay a few times, but I don't think it tasted that good!

So Jeremy's poor "Honey Do" list has been adding up for a while now, but I have not wanted to bother him with it. Well this morning he made the mistake of asking me what I needed done and off I went! I think he wished he had never asked! I had closet rods that needed to be hung, dustbuster hung, tv moved, gutters cleaned, backyard cleaned up, and some bushes trimmed. Can I just say that the husband of the year award goes to Jeremy today because he got it all done for me! He was even going to hang pictures for me, but we need some more picture hangers, so he got out of that one! I don't know what felt better, getting all that done around the house or seeing Jeremy feel like working around the house. It was so nice to see him have energy and feel up to doing all those things. The boys enjoyed the day so much! Of course I had to get a few pics of the boys doing their hard work! Yes Ian is helping Jeremy clean out the gutters and yes grandparents he is VERY careful! He has strict instructions from daddy when he is up there. He gets up there once a year and he loves it!

Aren't they cute? And our gutters are clean! What more can a girl ask for! Jeremy, Carter, and I went to church this morning and it was our annual outside service. This is Carter's favorite service of the year because he gets to sit outside on a big blanket with mommy and eat through the entire service! He doesn't have to be still or quiet which he loves! When we got home from church we decided to have a little pancake breakfast. Jeremy and I cooked breakfast together and I discovered that he was quite the chef. He was a little choosey on the pan he made his pancakes in and kept a close eye on my bacon I was in charge of! I learned today that I live with Emeril! Just teasing :) We had a great breakfast and the boys chowed down on pancakes......did I mention that Ian had already had breakfast with Tyler! Life with boys involves ALOT of groceries......I am learning that rather quickly!

You can go ahead and name me Mother of the Year because yes Carter did wear his hair like that to church today...........I mean it was outdoor service!

So obviously you can see from the pictures that Jeremy is feeling very good right now. Treatment this week was a little rough Wednesday through Friday, but by Saturday he was perking up a little and by today he was feeling good. He is still have a lot of trouble with the neuropathy, but he is learning to deal with it better and better each time. No appointments this week! Then chemo #6 the next, then we will be half way there!!!!!

I am reading the best book right now. My dad and stepmom got it for me for my birthday and I can't put it down.
I have been so interested in prayer and researching and reading about how powerful prayer is and this book is about a group of women that met and formed a prayer group. It is a great book and I can't wait to pass it on to others to read. I am a HUGE book sharer and have a group of girls at work that we circulate books all the time. It is great and a huge money saver. When I was looking for a picture to post on my blog of the book cover I found that is a book in a series and there are 7 of them. I am a huge series reader, so my day has been made! If you are looking for a good read this is a great book!
Well I have posted lots of different random things, so guess I should sign off for now! A few thank yous before I go:
*Once again a big thank you to Murphy and Angie for letting Ian spend the weekend with Tyler, watch the Razorbacks, and eat like a pig! Also a big thank you for all the goodies you brought us from your Tyson shopping trip. Our freezer is stocked!
*Thank you to Lisa next door for the yummy ham you made! The boys had big sandwiches tonight and already packed some for lunch tomorrow.
*Thank you to Linda for taking Ian to school last week on Jeremy's chemo day and thank you for Ian's surprise trip to Barnes and Noble. You made his day and he LOVES his Diary of a Wimpy kid book.
*Thank you to Melissa for always looking out for me and Ian and making sure we have everything we need.
*Thank you to Nanny a.k.a. Barbara for taking such good care of Carter each and everyday. I couldn't ask for a better place for him to be everyday. He loves you more and more each day he is with you. Thank you to Kambree for being his number one buddy! I promise to get some pics of the 2 of them soon!

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Reba said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I know what you mean feeling like we are just "skating" by the first few weeks. I am not quite to the productive weekend you are, hopefully mine is coming soon. I too need to get back to my menu for the week. Speaking of...I would love to bring you some food sometime soon...just let me know when. I am glad you got some good sleep. And I was VERY happy to hear Jeremy felt good enough to do some "honey do" chores...that is awesome! Have a wonderful week!