Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So it is Chemo Tuesday and once again I am reporting live from the chemo suite, but I don't really have much to report. Very rare for me to be speechless, but I am afraid I am today. Now believe you me I could write a book on Carter, he has done a gazillion things over just the past 24 hours. The child is WILD. I love every inch of him, but he is WILD! Last night while I was cooking dinner I lost track of him and realized he was in the laundry room. I had just started a load of laundry and he apparently was helping me by dumping an entire bowl of dog food in the washer with the load of clothes! Where does he come up with this stuff????? I have no idea!

Jeremy is doing well. He has really been dreading today's treatment only because it feels like he just had one and then we are already here again. He is very tired this morning, but napping through his treatment so that is nice. It also means that he is not fighting me for the computer:).

I have to take a minute to say something about my wonderful online friends. About 7 or 8 years ago I came across a scrapbook message board that is http://www.lifepreserversclub.com/. I have met so many amazing and wonderful friends that there I have stayed close with all these years and they check on me just like my friends in real life do. One sweet lady that I met there named Roxanne and her daughter Tracy have been so good to us. Tracy has also been going through the cancer battle, so Roxanne and Tracy have shared their story with us and been encouragers through this entire time. They have sent us wonderful resources and words of wisdom. They also walked in a Relay for Life walk that benefits cancer and one of the people they walked in support of was Jeremy. They made an adorable bag with a picture of him and the boys(picture coming soon with all the others!). It was so cute! These 2 ladies are so sweet and have given us so much support and wisdom through this time. Thank you Tracy and Roxanne!

Isn't the web such an amazing place! I love getting in contact with all my friends from jr. high, high school, college, etc. It is so wonderful! I love being able to catch up with old friends and finding new friends it is SO wonderful and such a blessing. Who knew that we would have such an amazing tool to use. I feel like even though I am kind of out of the loop with all we have going on that I can get online and catch up really quick! So between my blog, facebook, and email I love it!!!!!!!!

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