Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Toilet Caper Strikes Again!

Well you guessed it! Carter struck again and yes he put Bella in the toilet! Seriously does this kid have a long term dream to work in some type of plumbing or water works. I don't get it, nor do I know how to control it. Who would have thought that I would be posting a 3rd toilet story. so I was in the bedroom watching t.v. and I thought Carter is awfully quiet, so I walked in the bathroom and there was poor Bella sitting in the toilet and Carter not only had her in the toilet because she of course had to potty(so he said!), but he had a huge wad of toilet paper in his hand and was wiping her bottom for her. This kid is crazy!!!!!!!! Part of me continues to wonder if this should be a sign that he is ready to potty train, however he has no interest in it at all. He will tell you, "No I not use potty". I really want to ration with him and say if you are big enough to play in it then you are big enough to use it and quite making us buy diapers. Ever try to reason with a 2 year old???? Doesn't work so well!

Well for today's update, we are at chemo now and Jeremy is getting his 5th treatment. So close to being at the halfway point. His blood levels were good today, however he is a little anemic. His nurse suggested that he start taking iron, so maybe that will also help with his energy level. He really didn't want to come today because he was feeling so good this past few days and his appetite was back in full force! Unfortunately though the show must go on, so grumbling back he came for his next treatment. It is actually very peaceful here this morning. Not a whole lot of people in this morning which makes it not so crazy. Lots of people sleeping today because it is so cloudy outside. I keep seeing Jeremy's eyelids droop, but they haven't completely shut yet.....they will though I can tell.

We had a night out Saturday with some good friends of ours! It was so fun! Shawn and Lori invited us to dinner with a free babysitter! Their daughters came over and stayed with Carter and we headed to Dickson and had dinner at Doe's. It was so yummy! Jeremy and I split a Porterhouse. We also had tamales(which they are famous for!) and homemade taters. It was delicious and so nice because I didn't have to take care of anyone else the whole dinner. I enjoyed my food from beginning to end and also got to have some adult conversation! Before we left Dickson we headed to Willy D's to hear the dueling pianos. I love it because those guys in there can play anything and know the words to every song imaginable! We had a great evening! I don't think Carter was ready for us to come home because he had Kennedy and Alex wrapped around his finger and they would do anything he wanted!

Now in the meantime Ian was partying it up in St. Louis with his Papaw and Tata. He had a blast! I mean who wouldn't? 3 Cardinals games sitting in 3 different parts of the stadium and he came home with more Cardinal gear than you can imagine! The Cardinals unfortunately lost all 3 games to the Braves, but he had a great time despite the losses. He was most excited about his game ball he got that was from 9/11/09. He is so proud of that ball! So a big thank you to Papaw and Tata for Ian's trip, he had a blast!
Well unless Carter is getting his picture made by the toilet we usually can't get a cheese, as you can see here. Jeremy tried to get our picture, but he wasn't very cooperative!
Thank you for the continued prayers and all of the people that have checked up on us. Please know we do appreciate it SO much!
Thank yous:
*Thank you to Miss Susie for the WONDERFUL pie! It was so yummy!
*Thank you to Shawn and Lori for a great night out and offering babysitting service!
*Of course another big thank you for our yard getting mowed! I am sure it was our wonderful neighbor Jim, but Carter and I slept the weekend away so I didn't even know it was being done.
Well signing off for now. Keep all the prayers and thoughts coming! We love you all! I would like to also say thank you to all our blog followers and supporters! I feel so much strength from all of you each and everyday. I wish I could find more time in the day so that I could update more often, but I have been making myself go to bed early and that is not easy for me. However I do feel better and it makes everyone get around earlier for bed and of course this makes our morning somewhat easier. I live with 3 boys that are NOT morning people at all, so my mornings are as good as they can be!


Reba said...

What a fun weekend! The dinner sounds yummy. Carter cracks me up. If it makes you feel better, mine is not at all interested in actually using the potty either...it is just a place to occasionally visit just for fun. :) I thought about you today...figured it was treatment day. I thought it would probably get tougher and tougher to get to. I guess we just need to see it like a marathon. You are running and have to jump these hurdles, but each one is closer to the finish line...


The Pifer's said...

I found your blog through my friend Kelly...I just wanted you to know I will be praying for your family.

Love, Hugs and prayers-

dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new post.
Have a nice day.

donnacr said...

Thinking of you and your family often and I am glad Carter makes life such " fun " and " sane " ! LOL ! I don't think Bella would agree after seeing the toilet pictures but she is a cutie and obviously good natured ! Take care and know we in the North are pulling for the next few monthes to go smoothly !