Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Saturday!

Ok a Super Saturday to me is one that we have NOTHING planned. I LOVE spending the day at home. We had NO where to go at all and it was glorious. Then as if the day couldn't get any better my grandparents came by and picked the boys up for a few hours. I got all the laundry finished up and our weeks worth of clutter put away. When the boys got home it was so GORGEOUS outside, so we hit the backyard to play in the leaves and swing. Did I mention that Carter and I took a 2 hour nap and the best part was waking up to smell my beans that I had cooking in the crockpot, so yummy! I whipped up some cornbread and fried some potatoes and served up a good ole southern meal for dinner. Then the grandparents came by for a visit and surprised us all by taking both boys home with them for the night. Okay I LOVE my boys with all my heart, but a little break never hurt anybody right? So we are relaxing big time! I am watching whatever I want on tv and I am on the laptop, the best part is no one is crawling on top of me or screaming at me to wipe their bottom or get them something to eat or drink! Jeremy is kicked back watching tv and relaxing as well! If you ask me I think it is mainly because he ate so much and he can't move :)! So let the Super Saturday continue! Hope you all have had a Super Saturday too! Bring on a Super Sunday!

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Reba said...

Hooray for Super Saturdays! I love those kind of days. And yes, we love our kids, but a little break is needed for the soul. :) I hope you have a very super Sunday too!