Saturday, November 28, 2009

There's more than just a Tooth Fairy.............

Ok so yes I am behind. I know that, but when I decided to take a vacation this week I truly took a vacation from everything. It was much needed and very therapeutic for all of us. Jeremy had treatment and it was so nice to be home with him and be able to take care of him 24-7. However it was hard keeping the boys semi calm, so that he could rest. I have plenty of Thanksgiving pics and I will try and get them up in the next few days. First things first though, I have a couple fairies in my life I have got to publicly thank. No it is it is not the tooth fairy!

The first one we call the Trashcan Fairy. Now I have to tell you upfront I hate to do trash. I hate to collect it from around the house trash cans, I hate to take out the cans, and most of all I hate to bring them in after trash day. Well one of Ian's chores we added once Jeremy's treatment started was to collect all the trash and help mommy get it to the curb and bring in the cans on Friday nights. Well miraculously there is this amazing fairy that brings in our cans every single Friday. Sometimes they beat me to getting them to the curb on Thursday, but they are always put back up by the garage door by the time I get home from work on Friday. I have a sneaky suspicion I know who my Trashcan fairy is, so I want to publicly say THANK YOU. I promise not to blow your cover, but I do feel I have to let you know how much I appreciate see those cans sitting up by our garage every Friday evening when I get home from a long week. Once again we are truly blessed with amazing next door neighbors.

My next special fairy is who we call the Lunch Money fairy at our house. It is amazing to me that I put money in Ian's lunch count and it never seemed to run out, keep in mind I only put 20 dollars in it..................over a month ago! So to the Lunch Money fairy that I know probably chooses to remain anonymous I know who you are and you know I love you to pieces. You are always there for me and do those things that no one but you would ever think about. I am SO blessed to have you and so is my family.

Well Jeremy was down most of the week with treatment. We are so glad the 10th treatment is over. It was rough as usual, but he made it through. His treatment lasted about an hour longer this week because there is a med that has been added in his treatment that is supposed to help with the neuropathy. Jeremy said he couldn't really tell a difference, but it is worth a shot even if it helps a little bit. We see Dr. B on Wednesday this week, to schedule scans and discuss the last 2 treatments. We had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, we now have our Christmas tree up and thanks to Nana there are even a few presents under it. No lights on the outside of the house this year, but we are going to put up our blow up Santa and Snowman tomorrow. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving with your families!!!!!

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Reba said...

I kept checking thinking I had missed an entry. I am so glad to see there are some fairies watching over you. :) You have plenty enough to handle right now! Two more treatments. I know that still must seem long to Jeremy but tell him to look...he should see the finish line ahead! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and already have a head start on Christmas.