Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

What a great Halloween it was!!! Let me begin by saying that every year since Ian was born he has been sick on Halloween. It has varied from the flu, stomach virus, bad cold, etc. He has never had a Halloween where he was completely healthy and could enjoy himself. Well this year he finally was healthy and on top of that the weather was wonderful!!!!! I know this had to be his best Halloween ever! Not only was it fun for Ian, but Carter is to the age where he could walk up to doors and yell out trick or treat! It was so cute! We started our Halloween day by taking Ian and his friend Jett to a lunch at ATA with the superhero Snake Eyes. They had a special workout and a pizza lunch. They had a great time! After that we came home and rested up for a fun night of trick or treating! The three of us dressed up and headed over to the grandparents for treats and pictures! Yes I did dress will just have to wait until you see the pics below! After that we came home and daddy had the 4 wheeler fired up because when we trick or treat he is our transportation service. We hopped on and headed around the circle where we live. Tyler, Ian's friend from across the street went with us. So we had an Everlast Boxer, an adorable pirate, and Ozzy Osbourne! The boys got a TON of candy. Carter would march right up there to the front door with them, just like he was as big as they were. I had worried it was going to be cold out, but the weather was perfect!

This is the boys Halloween morning!
My Everlast boxer and pirate

Proof that I did dress up! My good ol' faithful Raggedy Anne costume that my stepmom made for me years ago when I was in college. I love that costume now just as much as I did when she made it for me. Thanks Jannie! Carter did not know what to think of me in that wig! He said I no wear that hair!

Ozzy Osbourne and my tough boxer

Part of their loot!

A huge thank you to Mrs. Granbois for the bright blue monster cookies she got the boys!!!!! Carter was covered and it was demolished by the time he finished it!
So as you can see a good time was had by all. Jeremy's treatment last week was a ROUGH one. He was wore out, exhausted, and had a lot of pain until about Saturday. However on Saturday morning he was back up and at work. We were so happy that he was able to trick or treat with the boys. We went this morning and got his hair cut REALLY short, so now it is all blended together. One of the guys is getting really nervous that he is gonna have to end up shaving his head right in the middle of winter because of a promise he made to Jeremy when he was in the hospital! No meds, no dr. appointments this week, we are so happy and going to enjoy the nice break.
I have to say THANK YOU to a dear friend of mine Melissa. We have been friends since college. We both pledged Chi Omega and immediately hit it off. It is funny because we are the same, but different if that is possible. I am loud and goofy, she is quiet and shy. I am a risk taker, she is more on the conservative side. However when we pledged Chi O we immediately became best friends and have stayed that way even after we left college. I love that I can call Melissa and cry, scream, complain, or just visit. She is the person that can always say the right thing and know exactly what I need. There are no words to tell you how much her friendship means to me. The only wish that we both have is that we lived closer together, but the great thing is I know she would be here in a heartbeat if I needed her to and I would do the same. Melissa you know right when I need a pick me up, a special treat, phone call, or text. I don't know what I would do without you. I am so blessed that God put us in that pledge class together in 1996, I could have just easily pledge the year before you got there, but I didn't I waited. At the time I didn't know why I had waited, but it is very clear to me now. I won't go into detail only because I know you wouldn't want me to, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I love you so much and thank God for your friendship everyday.
Well we are using today and our extra hour as recooperation from our week. Between trunk or treats, chemo, dr appts, Halloween, taekwondo, book club, etc. we are exhausted. Of course everyone here is munching on candy and will be all sugared up again by the end of the day! All the boys grab a piece every time they go by. I can resist most of the candy, but when they start giving out homemade cookies, brownies, etc. for Halloween that is when I will be in trouble!
Hope you all are having a Happy Fall!!! Now we go from costumes and candy to planning our turkey dinner!!!!