Saturday, June 27, 2009

Holding Our Heads Up High

I guess I can sit here and cry and scream and yell, but it won't change anything that happened today. We received the pathology report this morning from the surgeon on call at about 10am and no we did not get the good news we had hoped for, but as my title says we are HOLDING OUR HEADS HIGH. The pathology came back with one lymph node that had tested positive for cancer. So this means that with the polyp and the lymph node Jeremy was diagnosed today with Stage 3 colon cancer. Did we cry? Yes absolutely. Are we in shock? Yes absolutely. But do we still have faith in our almighty Lord and Saviour? Yes we do!
So within about 30 minutes of receiving the pathology report we met with our primary care physician who explained things to us for a second time. You see the first time we got the results from the surgeon on call, but once the shock had set in we got to hear it all again from the doctor we are very close to and feel very comfortable with. About 30 minutes after that we met with a Nurse Practitioner from Highlands Oncology Clinic. She was very sweet to us and discussed how our game plan would begin. Later that afternoon we met with Jeremy's oncologist Dr. Bradford(on a side note our surgeon didn't want us to get an oncologist in the hospital unless the path report came back with cancer because he wanted to hand pick our oncologist mainly because he said we were the type of family that needed to be coddled esp because we are young and have 2 little kiddos, well his choice was Dr. Bradford and grace be to God that he was on call this weekend and that is who we got). He was right to, he is definitely the oncologist for us. He spent about 45 minutes with us discussing Jeremy's cancer, the location of it, and treatment. I won't go into detail tonight about the treatment itself mainly because it is still so fresh and we have so many questions we want to ask him about tomorrow. Our goal right now is getting Jeremy home and recovering from the surgery. From there we will move forward to treatment.
Thank yous for today:
*A WONDERFUL thank you to Brandy Foshe for the amazing new design she did for my blog. It looks so GREAT and a great little perk for me today. :)
*A nice visit from the Proffitt family with magazines and sunflower seeds for JJ
*Dinner once again for me brought by Kelly(even brought me one of my most comforting meals)
*Tata bought me lunch in the cafe and made sure I ate PLENTY
*The sweet little cleaning lady that came in right after we got the news, I must have looked devastated because she brought me ice water and a Diet Coke. It was so sweet.
*Visits today from Angela, Angie, Daniel and Debbie, Mierendorff and Amy, Papaw and Theo, Kelly, and I think most of the car lot from the Hyundai dealership!
*Thanks to Nana for giving the boys a fun water day!
*A big thank you to my Dad and Jannie for being here minutes after we found out the news.
Well it is late and it looks like he is having IV "issues", so unfortunately gonna have to watch him get stuck again. Hopefully after that though we can both get some much needed rest.

Galatians 6:2 Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ.
God wants us as Christians to connect with other believers to conquer. You will notice in my blog WE are going to the doctor and WE are going to get through this and that is because Jeremy and I truly believe WE share each other's troubles and we must keep our faith to get through this together.

Keep all the prayers coming, we love you all and appreciate them so much.


donnacr said...

Prayers coming down your way Jill as I am so sorry to hear about the cancer news . I was praying the news would be benign :-( Ask about Jerremy getting a centrl line inserted for food suppliments, blood tests and medication ( the route my DH ended up going after all his issues ! They are a Godsend and far less " poking "

Have faith

Andrea said...

Jill, my friend!!! I am so sorry that this is happening to you guys!! I cannot even begin to imagine how you must be feeling, and the shock!! I am here praying for your entire family!! If Jeremy ends up needing radiation therapy treatments, feel free to ask me any questions. I will be happy to try and answer them for you! God Bless you!!! Lots of love & hugs on the way to Arkansas!!

Rebecca said...

Jill, PLEASE let me know if you need anything (other than our CONTINUED prayers). I'm just a few miles away in Bentonville and am more than willing to keep the boys or take them for a play date a Chucky Cheese with Roxy! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. If anyone can overcome this obstical it's the Jacksons! Sending you healing thoughts and love!
Rebecca Runnels-Crotts

Leah said...

Oh, Jill. I'm so sorry. That is NOT what I was hoping to read. However, you are right...we serve a BIG God who is faithful.


Cassie said... said...

you don't know who I am, but Leah Smith sent me a message about your blog and your husband. My name is Cassie and I live in Fayetteville. On Christmas Day I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer too. I went into WRMC for diverticuitas and came out 15 days later after having a tumor removed the size of a orange & with colon cancer. Dr. Brandford is my dr too & he is the best, most wonderful doctor ever in the whole wide world! Next Wednesday I will have have my last treatment. Things have been really hard sometimes, but I have had amazing support from my family and church. You are all in my prayers.


Jill, you and your family are in my prayers. I went through this with my Tracy as she was found to have an agressive breast cancer. Well, we (life preservers and everyone we knew) prayed and we got a miracle. The ovarian mass was benign.

Let me just say a couple of things. The central line port is a godsend. It makes life much easier. Secondly, promise yourself to be strong and to think only for the best and you will receive only the best.

There is no place like Hope. This is a book I have that my daughter was inspired by and I would like to send it to you. Email me if you would like it.

amywelborn said...

I had no idea...I am praying for you and your family!!! God can work miracles!