Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Treatment and Tests....Moving forward

Ok so I keep promising to post a little bit more on Jeremy's treatment and test, but haven't yet because we wanted to have a few things scheduled and have more of an idea on time and when it would start happening. So after talking to many NICE people at Highlands Oncology we have the journey started. We meet with the surgeon on July 7th to get his staples removed and to schedule outpatient surgery to have his chemotherapy port put in. On July 20 Jeremy will have his PET and CT scan. Two days later on July 22 we will have an appointment with Dr. Bradford to discuss scan results and when chemotherapy will start. We hope to have his first round of chemotherapy underway by the end of July.
You have to understand we are so happy and relieved to have these dates on the calendar, however it does make it more "real" to us. We have heard it, talked about, and been processing it all but now it is scheduled and within in weeks treatment will begin. We pray that God will embrace us and comfort the fears we have. We know we are gonna make it, but a normal reaction to this is fear, so I pray for comfort for Jeremy and myself as we begin the tests and the treatment.
Thank yous for today:
*Thank you to Christina for the great visit with her and Baby Jackson and also for our "take out meal".
*Thank you to Melissa for the great visit this afternoon and the sweet FAMILY plaque, we already having it hanging up in our family room.
*Thank you to Kelly for the delicious meal from Olive Garden. I don't know that my kids have eaten that much in days! I enjoyed my visit with Baby Kambree, drool and all! Ian enjoyed getting to play with Kennedy as well.
*Thank you to LaDonna for the WONDERFUL dessert she made for us. I promise you it was a cake that tasted just like a Reese cup and what could be more wonderful! The boys of course thank you for the popsicles! They have big plans for them for tomorrow!
*Thank you to Nana(my mom) for making arrangements to go ahead and stay the rest of the week, that is blessing for us. It allows me time to take care of Jeremy and the kids and not feel so torn between it all.

Many of you that live around us have asked about providing meals and I can't begin to tell you what a blessing this has been to us. I am not one to ask for help at all, but my good friend Melissa took this on and knew this would be a big help to us when we got home especially with 2 little kiddos(boys at that!). I told her I knew dinner would be helpful, but it is still hard asking people to feed your family. Ok so now I am over that I am taking it as a HUGE blessing in our life. LaTayna made me see this week during our visit, that Gods teaches us to give and also to receive. Ok so I am usually on the giving side and definitely much more comfortable with that, but God is now teaching me to receive. THANK YOU to everyone that has already and is signed up to provide us with dinner. It means so much and definitely lightens my load for sure. So for those of you that keep messaging me about providing a meal you can email mharrell@fayar.net. Can I say again we are so blessed!

Song of Solomon 2:14 Let me hear your voice.
Believe you me God is hearing my voice each and every day! From the looks of my blog and messages he is hearing many voices that are lifting our family up in prayer! I thought about this verse this morning when I was driving in my car because I have to let you in on a little secret if I find myself in my car by myself(not an often occurrence :), but when I am I often pray out loud. So this morning when I was driving to the dentist(had to go, didn't want to) I let God hear my voice. I pray each and everyday and numerous times throughout the day, but at that moment I felt that God not only heard my voice, but thought about how I have the privilege to speak out to him and let my voice be heard. Life is a loud place with lots of hustle and bustle each and everyday, so when listening to your voice pray you think deep in your heart and speak to our Father in Heaven.


Kristi said...

Jill, what I learned really quick last year is to allow people to do things for you when they offer becaause it's God's way of helping you! Lean on Him for strength because only He knows your plans and will guide you! We love you and are praying for you! Kristi, Dylan & Brittany



Kim said...

I have to share something my dad once told me. He said that by not accepting help you might be denying someone a blessing. That really hit home with me! Helping others IS a blessing...to both the giver and receiver! So, let the blessings flow! :)

Anonymous said...

Jill, you have given all of us so much over the years. I cherish our weekly Sunday night talks we had all those years ago. You are being re-payed for all the love you shared.

Sandra said...

It is better to give than receive...that's what we were always taught, but Kim is right...when you don't accept help, you rob someone of a blessing. You get back what you give....now it's YOUR time to be blessed. Praying for your family, and love the blog look!! Blessings.