Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are home! This morning they started Jeremy on solid foods and began to wean him from his PCA pump. The doctor said that if he did ok with both of those things we could go home sometime after dinner. They started Jeremy on an oral pain med and solids and he tolerated both very well. So we packed up all our stuff and hit the road. When it was time for us to leave the nurse said, "let me go get you a wheel chair and I will walk you down," and Jeremy proceeded to tell her "I don't need a wheel chair I can walk down there," well needless to say the nurse did not argue and she walked with us to the car. Now those of you that now my husband if he says it, he means it and by golly he was not riding in that wheelchair. So I am sure for surprise there! We are just now really getting home and settled in. We are both exhausted, but so excited about waking up in our own home. We have our family room set up with a recliner and a pull out sofa. For now Jeremy is most comfortable in the recliner and I am going to sleep on the pull out in case he needs anything. The boys are gone for the night, they spent the day and night with their Uncle Bo and Aunt Lori. They have been to the Wildlife Drive Thru Safari, had pizza, got treats, and have been spoiled rotten. That has been a blessing because it allowed us to get Jeremy settled in and comfortable at home. They will be back tomorrow morning bright and early and SO excited that daddy is here waiting on them. We met with the oncologist again today for quite a while and we were able to get many of our questions answered. I promise now that we are home I will post more information about his treatment, but for tonight I am exhausted and going to get caught up on some of my rest(without nurses waking us up every hour on the hour!)
Thank yous for today....
*We had great visits today with Judi(one of the wonderful secretary's at my school) who also brought the boys a gift card to McDonald's, they are so excited and of course want to know if we can go tomorrow :), Greg and Jami, Jeff, Brandy, Ma and Pa, Bo and Lori, Dad and Jannie, and George and his wife.
*Thank you to Brandy who brought us some food to stock the freezer and our favorite chocolate chip cookies that she makes and of course my Sonic drink(for those of you that know me well, this is my addiction)!
*Thank you to Greg and Jami for the bag of goodies, books, and magazines. They are already being put to good use!
*Big thanks to Uncle Bo and Aunt Lori for not only taking the boys for a fun filled day, but also for letting them have a sleep over.
*Another thanks to Bo and Lori for bringing Jeremy and I communion to the hospital and having prayer with us.
*HUGE thank you to my mom for making sure that our house was cleaned from top to bottom for Jeremy's arrival home. New pillows, new rug, new towels, I mean everything had to be perfect for his homecoming right?!?! It is going to be so nice to not have to worry about anything but spending time with the boys and taking care of Jeremy.
*Thank you to my Dad and Jannie for letting the boys sleep over last night and of course taking them swimming countless times this week and taking them to church this morning.
*Once again I can't say thank you enough for the emails, texts, phone calls, cards, etc. They are what help us get through each day as we accept the changes that have been made in our lives.

A very close friend of mine gave me a book a few years ago after Jeremy and I had suffered a miscarriage and it is an amazing book called The Power of Crying Out by Bill Gothard. When she gave me this book it already looked pitiful, but after me reading and referring to it, now it looks awful or maybe I should say broken in :). Tonight I pulled my scripture from Chapter 1 of that book that is titled Loud and Clear.
Isaiah 40:9 Lift up your voice with strength, lift it up, be not afraid.
In our moment of fear and anxiety the right step is to experience God's powerful deliverance and protection and to this we simply must cry out to God and use our voice with strength when asking for his help.


the Pulleys said...

I haven't had a chance to check your blog in a while and can't believe all that has been going on in your household! Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear all that your sweet hubby has had to endure this past month, but I'm thankful to the Lord for bringing you all through it! "Give thanks to the Lord, our God and King...His love endures forever!"
Thanks for the updates amidst it all! It certainly helps knowing what to specifically pray a/b. Continue to keep those heads held high!
Sending prayers your way...

Love always!

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I'm so happy Jeremy made it through his surgery so well! I can't believe he walked out of the hospital!! I hope he rests like he should, and that you get some rest, too! God bless you and your family!

Lindsey said...

Jill... Nice to have found your blog... sorry to have found such news on it. Glad the surgery went well... that's one step down!

Just want you to know that Dad, Mom & I have been faithfully praying for Jeremy, you and the kiddos since I read about this! God is a good God, and He wouldn't have put this illness in your path if He knew you guys couldn't get through it without gaining a stronger faith in Him. Keep your heads up, and we'll keep praying!

A Wedding Story said...

Lifting you and your family up in prayer.