Monday, June 29, 2009

We need some toothpicks......

to keep our eyes open. We were all SO sleepy today. I guess now that we are home it all caught up with us. Jeremy slept so well last night. It took him a little while to find a comfortable spot, but once he did he was out! I kind of got the impression that he enjoyed not having nurses wake him up every hour to take his temp and blood pressure! I slept wonderfully as well! Bo brought the boys home about 7:30 this morning, but they had no idea Jeremy and I were even here so we took advantage and slept a little longer :). When Jeremy and I got up and walked out to see the boys they lit up! They were SO happy and were so happy to see daddy at home and up walking around and I was too! By mid morning Jeremy was napping and Carter took me to the couch and made me lay down and "hold me". So we did and he went right to sleep and slept for about 4 hours. In the meantime Ian was laying at my feet watching t.v. We were all exhausted and I think still need a day or maybe 2 or 3 to re cooperate and catch up on some Z's. So I guess what I am saying is I am gonna cut tonight's blog a little short and go catch up on some Z's!

A few thank yous:
*Thank you to Kelly at Kelly's Korner for inspiring me to blog and be an inspiration in what has become a new journey in our life.
*Thank you to Roxy and Tracy for sharing their story with my family.
*Thank you to LaTayna for bringing us a wonderful dinner tonight from Hunan and also sitting with me and visiting about the hows and whys of everything that goes on in our lives.
*Thank you to Ashley for coming for a visit and bringing our family a basket full of movie goodies and also for stopping at the store for me to get Carter some soy milk. Tomorrow we are watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and gorging on junk food!
*Thank you for all the phone calls, cards, emails, and messages we got today. Your inspiring words and encouragement keep us going everyday.
*Thank you to all the people that have called and offered to do our yard work. I am getting the feeling that you all think I don't know how to start a lawn are right I don't! I don't do a lot of hard manual labor and I consider mowing just that, so THANK YOU!

When I was working on my blog tonight I got the sweetest email from Jeremy's aunt Carolyn and in it she shared one of her favorite bible verses. It seemed to be most fitting for today. I mean coming home makes it real and we settle into our life. Even though it is now somewhat different than it was that morning we left for the hospital we know there is a plan in store for our family.
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"
He has a plan and in his plan we will prosper. We know that the coming months will have some moments that we are scared, worried, and/or nervous, but the Lord declared he would not harm us. So even in those moments we will be growing stronger and getting ready for what will be an amazing future for our family.

Please pray for healing for Jeremy. We know that before we can move forward with his treatments, his body has to heal.


B said...

I know you have a lot of people blessing you and your family right now, but we want to bring a meal over, is someone coordinating a schedule for this or are ppl just coming?

amywelborn said...

I'm praying girl. Thank God for wonderful friends and family to help you through this time!

Kate said...

Still praying for you all. I know that Our Lord is Good and Just and He will get you through this. Sending all of my love to you.

Kristi said...

Jill, I would LOVE to bring dinner over for you guys! If you have someone that is coordinating a schedule, please give them my phone # 530-5069 or if no one is coordinating anything, let me know a good day and I'm there!

Kim said...

I found your blog by way of Kelly's Korner. You're story sounds all to familuar. My dad was diagnoses with Colon Cancer in April. It was a shock! Cancer was also found in my dad's lymphnodes. He is currently taking treatment at Highlands...he is going to Dr. Travis and we adore everyone there. My dad's prognosis is very promising! I've blogged about our journey. I'll be praying for you family...and, I'll be keeping up with your blog.

Reba said...

Oh, Jill, I wish I could just wave a magic wand and let you all get all the rest you need. I cannot fathom how tired you are! I hope that you are catching up on sleep, and I also hope Jeremy is healing quickly. I too would love to do a meal for you once we are home...if you have anyone coordinating meals, there is a great website that can is a calendar people can sign directly on. I would be happy to share it!

Melissa said...

I am praying for your family!!

TheVanzants said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and your story immediately caught my eye.

My husband, 31 years old, was diagnosed with Colon Cancer at age 22 - at a very young age and no family history. He is a cancer survivor and we give God all the glory! We weren't married at the time of his diagnosis, but, I do know, for the most part, what you're going through. It's a hard road, one that you can't travel without faith in our Lord. I'll be praying for peace and strength.

I'll be praying for your husband's treatments and recovery. If you need to talk, I'll be happy to.
My email address is