Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Day Pics

So Santa made quite a stop at our house. I am still wondering how he got all that loot down the chimney! You can see from the pics Santa brought Ian a Nintendo DSI and Carter a train table! They were both thrilled!Our stockings were so full Santa had to lay them out on the fireplace! They were busting at the seams!
The boys got a race track from Papaw and Tata. You can see that daddy is wore out from putting it together! They loved it and those cars go fast!
The boys (and also mommy and daddy) had a few surprises throughout the day. First up Ian got a new laptop from his Nana and Carter got a Handy Manny tool bench that he REALLY wanted! He would play with it forever every time we went to Target.

No worries Santa even remember to stuff Bella's stocking with some goodies!!!!

Can you believe Santa dropped a cookie on his way back out? No worries though all the other cookies were gone. Also did you know Santa likes regular milk and soy milk? Carter is allergic to milk, so Ian thought it only fair that we put out both kinds of milk to see which one he likes better. He drank them both!
On Christmas day another surprise drop off! Papaw and Tata showed up at the door with an electric scooter for Ian and Carter his very own Harley! Now keep in mind it was freezing on Christmas, so of course they had to try them both out in the house. They were having a great time until Ian's scooter went so fast he nearly slammed into the wall and decided he would wait for warmer weather! The boys love their new rides!!!!!!
So as you can see from the pictures we had an AMAZING Christmas!!!! The boys couldn't have asked for it to be more perfect! Not that the focus of Christmas is on gifts and the boys know that. However the memories that were made were wonderful! Christmas is such a magical time and we felt it the entire season!

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Andrea said...

Merry late Christmas Jill!! Your boys are so darn cute!!! It is so fun seeing the magic of Christmas through your children's eyes!!