Sunday, January 24, 2010

Snow Day!

For the first time in many years we had a white Christmas and then right after New Years we got another beautiful snow! Luckily this time it was cold, but not miserable. Jeremy and I decided it was a perfect Sunday afternoon to take the boys sledding! We headed over to Papaw and Tata's to sled on the hill I always sled on when I was a kid! This was Carter's first real snow day! He was too little last year and seemed to be sick most of the winter, not to mention that last year we had no snow only ICE! I am not sure who liked it better Ian or Carter, they both had a great time!

However Carter's first trip down resulted in a bit of a face plant! This is a picture of Papaw fixing his hats and gloves! He was a little scared after that, but didn't take him long to get over it!

Isn't it funny how it is so much fun going down, but much more work coming up! You can see Tata and I having to help everyone back up along with their sleds!

Papaw and Ian just beat every ones record on how far they went in the sled!
Did you know that playing in the snow is EXHAUSTING? Looking forward to our next Snow Day!

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