Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

Okay so my last week off from work I decided to get EVERYTHING in order. Housecleaning....check, bills paid.....check, drawers and closets cleaned out and organized........check, freezer stocked and menu made....check, laundry caught up and actually ahead...check, car cleaned out....check. The list goes on and on. Oh wait new pictures hung on the wall.....check, celebrated Christmas and New Years....check, and most importantly last chemo complete.....CHECK!!!!!
Ok so I did put some other things in the front seat. I didn't do much blogging, facebooking, emailing, etc. It is such a nice feeling when you have your house in order and get things back in order. I mean with 2 boys things are always crazy, but I am an organization freak. Everything has to have its place and a system, if it doesn't I go bonkers! So we started the year 2010 on the best foot! We have everything so nice and neat. Granted I know this won't last forever, but it feels so good to start the year on the right foot and to have a system in place.
For years since Jeremy I have been married I have been a Menu Maker. Every week I make a menu for the next week, this is so I know I have all the groceries I need and it keeps us from eating out and also saves money because I don't make a bunch of unecessary trips to the store. When Jeremy got sick and of course he wasn't eating much I got out of my habit and basically became a short order cook because I was fixing everyone what they wanted because I never knew what was going to sound good to Jeremy or myself. So the past 2 weeks the Menu Maker is back! I will post more on it later and post a few of my menus! I love the kitchen. I think it is a mom thing, but I love to cook and fix dinner while my boys sit at the bar and tell me about their day and of course eat dinner because they are starving by the time we get home and I start cooking!

Jeremy's last treatment is OVER!!!!!! Tuesday through Thursday of the treatment were rough, then on Friday which was Christmas day he was able to get up and actually enjoy the day with the boys. It was so nice because we had no idea how he would feel and we were so thankful that he was able to be up and play with all the new goodies Santa brought!!! Actually come to think of it Jeremy was the first one out of bed on Christmas morning! It was a wonderful day, we played, rested, ate, and relaxed all with a big fire in the fireplace.

We had Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas morning at home, and then Jeremy's family came for New Years Day. It was lots of fun and lots of celebrating. I love me some Christmas, but I can honestly say I was wore out by the time it was all over!

January is going to be a busy month as well. We continue to pray for good clean test results.

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy and Blessed New Year!!!!!


djb said...

We have been keeping up with Jeremy all through your blogs. We are go glad his treatments are over and hope all the remaining tests have good results.I feel sure they will be excellent. Missed you guys at Christmas, and hope we can see you before long. Keep up the faith. Love you guys! Aunt Donna

Reba said...

When are Jeremy's tests and results again? I know you have told me but I cannot remember.

Okay, I read your post and am insanely jealous. HOW did you do all of that organizing? I want so much to do that. I live better in order. But my children totally sabotage me! Very impressive work.

I am hoping 2010 is a much calmer and less stressful year for you. :)