Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Well not too much to report today. Jeremy is getting his 7th round today and is very sleepy! For those of you that don't live in Northwest Arkansas apparently the sky has fallen out because we have had SO much rain it is crazy! I do enjoy rainy days, but please give them to me when I can be at home curled up with a blanket, good book, and my boys playing!
Wanted to share a few pics today. Here area few of Jeremy's lunch that I cooked for them last week. Can I just tell you that these men can eat! I swear I have never seen anything like it. They must have liked my food because they said I could cook for them ANYTIME!

I know I have said it so many times, but these guys have been so good to Jeremy. We praise God for them each and everyday. I know when I am at work and he is in the middle of treatment they are checking in on him all day. The funny thing of the lunch to me was I am so used to eating with women and when women eat together we sit and visit and eat and laugh.........well not them, they fixed their plates and many of them headed to their desks. No time for visiting for them, they had food to concentrate on! Too funny! I guess to them they have their priorities straight!

Ok well I have told you about my wonderful friend Melissa and all the meals, babysitting, Sonic, and love she has provided us, well on Sunday she brought us meals for the entire week. Enchiladas, soup, fettuccine, and lots of deserts and goodies. She is so good to us! Definitely takes a load off of me for the week and I also know that when Jeremy is home he will have good hot food to eat. Well on Sunday night we cooked the enchiladas she made and to say that Carter liked them would be an understatement because he LOVED them. I mean he dug into them like crazy! See pics below :)!

On Sunday we had a game day! We played Twister, Guess Who, Animal Soup, and watched 2 movies! It was a nice lazy cloudy day. The boys had so much fun and we did too!

Well Jeremy's pump is beeping which means he is about done, so we are both headed back to work!
Thank yous:
*Thank you to the Loenneke family for all the time Ian got to spend at your house over the October intersession. He had a great time!
*Thank you to Melissa and Ms. Linda for the yummy food and great desserts! we appreciate you two so much!
*Thank you to everyone that calls, emails, and checks in on us each week.


Notes From the Ledge said...

Hi Jill,
Great blog! What a wonderful way to keep friends and family updated. The fact that you are so positive in your writing is a testimony of your faith and a great inspiration to me.

Now, how 'bout the recipes for the food that had all those men chowing down? :) I love to cook like that and hear SILENCE during the meal! Means it's GOOD!

Hope you all are feeling better soon!


Reba said...

I love the pictures (especially of a little boy enjoying his food :). I am about tired of this rain, how about you? Okay, you are OVER halfway there now. :)

Kristi said...

You know I love me some cooking! What did you make for them?