Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's the Downlow

Ok so things have been a little crazy around here because my mom came to help out with all the appointments we had this week and of course help me get the house in order. I don't know what I would have done without her here. My house is now spotless, laundry completely done all the way down to sheets and blankets, and groceries bought and put away. It feels wonderful!

Jeremy's appointment went well. We did get a good report on the PET scan. Jeremy will still have 6 more treatments of chemo. There is one blood level they are a little concerned about it is his CEA level. The CEA level is a blood test they use to monitor cancer patients, especially colon cancer patients. CEA testing is used to see how the body is responding to the therapy. Jeremy's level was initially 0.7, but has risen to 3.7. They want it to stay low and not go above 4, so they are going to test it again in 4 weeks. Dr. B says that if it continues to go up he will need to have a few more tests run. So we are saying BIG prayers right now are for this CEA level to go back DOWN. Praise God for the wonderful news on the PET scan! The lymph node they were watching had shrunk down to normal range and nothing new showed up, Praise God!!!! Jeremy will have his next treatment on Tuesday and continue every 2 weeks from there. As I said in the last post the one disappointing thing is that Jeremy will have treatment Thanksgiving and Christmas. However this is kind of a blessing in disguise because it will mean we will be able to get all his treatments in before the end of the year........which of course for insurance purposes is good. Dr. B is planning to schedule a PET scan before the end of the year, probably right after Christmas. He was very pleased with Jeremy's progress, but hated to hear that the treatments are getting harder on him. Jeremy has started losing his hair which of course is not an easy thing, especially when the temperature has dropped from 90 to 40 overnight....crazy weather!
This has been a good week for Jeremy, he feels good and has gotten to spend a lot of time with the kiddos because of us being off this week.

The house is unusually quiet, so I am going to take advantage and relax a little myself! Hope you are all doing well and staying dry and warm!

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Hi Jill, God will bring Jeremy through this journey as He did Tracy. Her genetic tests were negative, so no mastectomy and she has no more worries of passing it on to her daughter. Her last treatment is dec 11 and the port will come out by the years end also. You are all in our prayers.
There is a post on my blog and pictures of Tracy and her curls.
Love, Roxanne