Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You don't want to take me to Vegas.......

my luck runneth out! Okay so this has definitely not been the luckiest week for us. I mean as if Jeremy having chemo isn't enough we now have Ian sick with the famous swine flu. I mean seriously we can't catch a break! Ian has been running a high fever, coughing, and having terrible body aches. I took him to the doctor today and after being swabbed and checked out........Dr. F said swine flu. I sat there thinking seriously is this really happening to me..............yes it is! So off to the pharmacy we went for a bunch of Tamiflu and some heavy duty cough syrup. No breaks to be caught here! We had to have our heating unit checked out this week because a friend of ours that has a heat and air business came and checked it and was worried about it. Well rightfully so because they shut it down and unhooked it and told us we need a whole new unit. Wow definitely not what we wanted to hear, but so glad that we had it checked because that kind of stuff scares me. So now we are in the market for a new heating unit. I warned you at the beginning of this that it was an unlucky day.
Now in the meantime Carter has taken it upon himself to decide that his crib is a jungle gym. I tried this summer to move him from his crib to the bottom bunk in his and Ian's bedroom, but he would not hear of it. Well the past few nights we have had an escape artist at work. The funny part is he comes upstairs in a disguise so that we won't see him! He came up with a laundry basket on his head, a big quilt, and a football helmet. So after about 20 trips back to his bed last night I decided okay that's it tonight he is moving to the big boy bed. Well he was excited because I put the side rail up and moved his pillows and blankets. I knew it was too good to be true because as soon as the lights were out he was crying and jumping out of that bed quicker than you could blink. At one point he snuck out of the bed and went to the staircase and laid until he almost went to sleep. After about 10 trips tonight the house is finally quiet and I think he may have crashed. Well quiet except for all the people coughing in this house! I keep wondering at what point the cough syrup will kick in!
Jeremy came home about 2 today and has been napping and resting all afternoon. He is very red and said he just feels really bad. He will get his pump off in the morning and now will get to start Tamiflu. Praying that the next 2 days he will be able to rest and be comfortable. I know he won't feel great, but just to be able to relax and feel comfortable will be relief for him.
Well had to give a quick update on our misfortune this week! It will all be okay though and we will get through the flu, heater, coughs, etc. just a little bump in the road on our journey.


Reba said...

Bless your heart. :( What a rough week! We are going to pray for a heating unit to find its way to you. And that Jeremy will be protected from the yucky sick germs. I wish I had advice on Carter...I am really dreading the day Joshua figures out he can get out of his crib. I am SOOO not ready for a bed! Lots of hugs to you!

donnacr said...

Jill , I can not believe all that is being dished out to you all right now ! Hope that your heating unit gets replaced quickly ( and hopefully all the bad bugs - germs - that keep attacking your household leave with the old unit ! )
Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way from here ! get better quickly .... all of you !

The Kinards! said...

Still praying for ya'll! That's all terrible news but I am sure things will start looking up!!