Sunday, October 25, 2009

My head is spinning!

Okay so this past week has been WAY busy and this upcoming week proves to be just about as busy. I always forget how crazy this Fall part of the year is. I mean with the everyday hustle and bustle of school and activities, you add in Halloween, parties, pumpkins, etc. This week has been a wonderful week for all of us! Everyone is pretty healthy again except for the occasional coughs here and there. Jeremy has felt great this week which has been SUPER nice especially for him.
We had our first Halloween extravaganza last night at ATA(Ian's taekwondo school). It was a trunk or treat and then a Halloween party with games and a TON of candy. The boys had a lot of fun! Ian had lots of friends there, so he jumped right in and had a big time. Carter on the other hand was a little unsure of all the costumes especially the grown people dressed up. He was so excited to see a witch, but only wanted to see her from afar! So needless to say we came home and pigged out on candy and it's not even Halloween yet!
Jeremy's sister is so sweet! She bought her dad a plane ticket to fly in and spend a few days with Jeremy. Jeremy and the boys picked him up from the airport on Thursday and he is flying back out today. It has been such a great visit for everyone. Jeremy and his dad have enjoyed their time together just hanging out and of course lots of eating! The boys have enjoyed Pa Jack being here because he likes to PLAY! They have wrestled, played ball, Playstation, and the list goes on and on. We will be taking him back to the airport today to fly back to Texas. Thank you Melanie for this visit! Jeremy has enjoyed it so much as well as me and the boys. You are a great little sister!
Tuesday is a chemo day and this will be Jeremy's 8th treatment. It is always so hard because right now he feels so good and then by mid week he knows he will feel so crappy. Keep sending those prayers that is what gets us through each week.
Be watching this week for pictures of a cute little pirate and a tough boxer!

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