Sunday, October 18, 2009

Living with Karate Kid!

Ok maybe not Karate Kid, but taekwondo kid! Ian started taking taekwondo when school started this year and he LOVES it. He has counted the days until he could test for his orange belt and Saturday was the day. He of course passed with flying colors. So we are now officially living with an orange belt. He is breaking boards and everything.........scary I know! Ian loves to play baseball and basketball, but the thing I love about taekwondo is that it is all the time and he is very committed and dedicated to it already. I have to give a shout out to his wonderful instructor Ms. Gray. She is great with the kids and offers so many extra activities at ATA. So here are a few pictures of Ian from his ceremony! You can see in the first picture Ian is sitting like a black belt and the next picture is of Ian and Jett. Jett is actually who got Ian interested in taekwondo. Jett is also Ian's BFF! They have been inseparable over the past few weeks. They are actually very much alike and hysterical when they get together. A big thank you to the Loenneke family for all the fun Ian has had at your house the past few weeks and of course allowing his dream of being a walker after school :)

Okay so as many of you know I had to write War Eagle a letter asking them to please not tell my husband how much I spent at the craft fairs this past weekend! :) Here is a picture of a few of my goodies. Of course many are hidden until Santa comes on Christmas. Trust me I did buy quite a few things for myself and lots of Christmas goodies for others. My friend Brandy and I went and had a BLAST!!!! I have been counting down the days to this for weeks. I think Brandy and I will definitely make a tradition of taking off work and making a day of it! One of my favorite things I bought was my pot with Santa and the reindeer and also my set of granite wear bowls! I also got an adorable Kindergarten Rocks shirt, but I had to order it. Now don't think I just spent my money on craft goodies.......there was also a lot of food involved :)! We had pumpkin pancakes at Mimi's for breakfast, from there I had a big roasted ear of corn on the cob, corndog, tater twisters, and a lemonade. Very yummy and it was a special day so we went all out!!!

Ok so I have mentioned our saga with Carter's sleeping arrangement and so he has officially graduated to the big boy bed. Now I am definitely not saying that is an easy adventure nor am I saying that we are completely done with this transition however we are making baby steps. He has slept in the big boy bed for about 3 nights. However after we put him and Ian to bed he takes it upon himself to move to the stairway and lay there and listen to Jeremy and I watch tv. On Saturday I laid Carter down for a nap and came upstairs to get a few things done. I thought I heard him on the stairs, but then it got quiet. A few minutes later I went to the stairway and there he was sound asleep! The first night we had to send him back to bed like 30 times and every night the number has gone down. We will see how the week goes! The good news is the crib can now come down!!!!!! It's one of those things that is exciting and sad at the same time. My baby is growing up!

Ian is now feeling much better! The Tamiflu was a lifesaver for him and Jeremy both. Carter began getting very icky and snotty, so we started him on a z-pac and he is doing much better too. Thank goodness for great doctors!!!! Jeremy rested most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. He was back to work on Saturday and we have enjoyed a great day at church and playing at home with the kiddos today. The good news we received this week was that Jeremy's CEA level went from 3.7 to a 1.7. Dr. B wanted the number to start going down and not up, so we are SO happy!!!!!!!! After getting good news form the PET scan this was definitely the news we wanted. Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!


Reba said...

Oh my, Ian looks SO much like his daddy. And look how proud he looks! It looks like you had a really good time crafting this weekend! I am envious. :) I love the pictures of Carter, especially asleep on the stairs. We have not graduated to bed yet. I have a feeling we are not quite ready for that kind of freedom around here...


Reba said...

Oh, PS...yeah on the numbers going down! I hope that continues to be the trend!