Sunday, August 23, 2009

Glorious Day!!!

Ok so these are a few pics from our glorious Sunday together. We did decide to play hookie this morning from church, but it was all in good fun. We got up and got dressed and headed to Golden Corral for a yummy breakfast buffet. I think I ate, but I am not really sure I was running around fixing plates, filling drinks, and as you can see from above the getting the breakfast of champions.......gummy bears and M&M's! We had a good time and from there we headed to Fast Lanes! We were there when they opened and got a lane to glow bowl! This was Carter's first trip to bowl and he loved it. We had a great time! Carter of course got a little wild and crazy and slid on the alley and bounced a few balls down the lane! Ian is quite the little bowler and before it was over wanted the gutter guards taken down when he bowled, I think he finally realized he didn't really need them. We bowled for about an hour and then let the boys play some of the games. We were just fixing to leave and Ian had $1.00 left on his fast lane card, so he decided to play this game and he pulled the lever, hit the stop button, and bells started going off! He hit the jackpot! It was hysterical! He got 250 tickets and bought him and his brother swords! So sweet! Now I haven't mentioned yet about Carter's new friend he made while we were there, he found one of the workers who was working on some of the games. He apparently really thought Carter was a cutie because Carter scored some free games, lots of tickets, and lots of candy for him and Ian. It was quite funny! From there we had to stop and pick up a few things from Wal Mart and then it was home for some much needed naps. We had a great day just the 4 of us and we all needed it!

Ian after his victorious lucky streak!!!!

This is a picture of Carter with his new Elmo Live that Angie and Murphy brought home for him! He loves it and giggles the whole time Elmo is talking!

Picture of Carter on his rocking horse that Papaw and Tata got for Ian when he was about 2. Carter rides it all over the living room and yells MEEEE HAAAAWWWWW(which translates to YEEHAW!)

Basket of goodies from the Coleman family! They also brought us a yummy taco puff dinner and the boys got Happy Meals. Not to mention we had a great visit and the kids had a GREAT time playing! We look forward to doing it again soon! Maybe you work with Ian on those robot moves some more Kathleen!!!!!
Ok so as you know from the last post it has been a rough week, but we have embraced it and prayed and we know that this week is going to be better for our whole family. We made sure to really take time out this weekend and enjoy one another and relax. It was wonderful. Kind of makes me think of that song, Momma said there'd be days like this....well momma did say there would be good days and bad days. Today was a good one and we NEEDED it!
A quick funny before I sign off for the night......of course it involves Carter! I know you didn't even question that! I was on the phone with my mom tonight and Carter went into the bathroom, well actually I thought he went in my closet so after a few minutes I told my mom I better check on Carter because he was quiet.................well he had good reason that he was quiet because he had his head in the TOILET! Ok for those of that read our blog regularly yes this time it was flushed, but seriously his head was soaked because there is no telling how many times he had dipped his head in there! I started yelling Carter NO get your head out of that toilet and I got the old stand by I sorry Momma I sorry Momma. Now before I went a-wall I did grab the camera and he smiled so big you would have thought he just got off a roller coaster ride at Silver Dollar City! In the meantime I take him to tell Jeremy what he has done and I said to Jeremy Honestly who puts there head in the toilet?????? and you hear Carter say MMMMMMMEEEEEEEEE! He was so proud..........................disgusting!!!!!!! So below is a picture of Carter's exciting time with the toilet tonight! For the record he had a shower and I scrubbed his head. He didn't like it, but I didn't care at that point it was getting clean!

We are so blessed. Good days, bad days it doesn't matter there are always friends and family there for us. A few thank yous from the week:
*Thank you to Dianna for feeding our family again. Not only has she cooked for us, but also bought pizza for our family 2 different nights. Thank you so much! Also thank you for the wonderful Living through laughter book you passed on to me. I have it on my bedside table and I am enjoying laughing through stories, quotes, and scripture.

*Thank you to Bill and Jeannie for the Noodles gift certificate. You knew just what we needed.

*Thank you to Angela for the 2 big jugs of tea from Chick fil a. First of all tea is my favorite thing! I could drink it all day everyday, but to get 2 jugs from Chick fil a that was a treat! We enjoyed it all weekend.

*Thank you to Murphy and Angie for Carter's Elmo and also for letting Ian come over and play and cook out.

*Thank you to Brandy for the yummy Market Place you brought us for dinner the other night and also for the adorable pillow you made for my classroom. I am so BLESSED to have you as a friend! I love ya!

*Thank you to the Coleman family for the yummy dinner, all the baseball goodies :), The Shack, and the wonderful visit we had!

*Thank you to Sandra for the amazing book you gave me. I will share some of it with you all soon. I am reading it everyday and it is about families and individuals that have experienced cancer along with their walk with God. It was the exact thing I needed the day she brought it to me. I know that Sandra and I are both walking the same path and it truly touched my heart that you shared something that had been so touching to your journey with me.

Well I pray that you all have a blessed week. Jeremy goes to the doctor on Wednesday to see Dr. B and have his blood levels checked. Will give you an update once we hear something.

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Reba said...

I am so glad you had a day like that today! (Ours was yesterday) They are so important for the soul. How funny that Carter likes Elmo too...Joshua has just discovered "Elmo's World". He thinks Elmo is amazing! I love the cowboy picture. Carter and gotta laugh. :) I think he and Joshua would have a LOT of fun together! I do hope the week is better!