Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok so getting into the routine is still not easy. I am still feeling a little under the weather, so I basically get up go to work, take care of the kiddos, got to bed, and then start the whole thing over again. I don't know if I have caught a virus, but I just can't knock it. I am resting this weekend so I am praying that next week is better. I am sure some of it is contributed to my stress which I do have a lot of right now. Let me tell you I love my job I truly do however some years are just easier than others and this is one of those years that is not so easy. I have some great kids, but they are ALL different and unique with some very standout personalities! This makes everyday quite interesting! So as I discover all their personalities and they of course figure out mine, everyday is a bit of a challenge. We have been in school for 7 days now and I think after we get one more week under our belt things will begin to fall into step. Just to give you a little insight into my day I have 22 students(full classroom) and I have a full time aide(well from 8-2). Over half my class is boys and I have 5 students that do not speak English. I have one student from Columbia, 2 from Mexico, Korea, and Pakistan. I also have a little boy from Kenya, but he speaks very fluent English. I also have a student with cerebral palsy this year and she is in a wheelchair and she has a full time aide. I am also learning a lot more about autism this year because I have a student with autism and we have quite a few in the other kindergarten classes that have been diagnosed with autism. The parents that I am working with are very open with their child's diagnosis and have assured me I can be as well(so please don't think I am spilling secret information!). I love the fact that they are such advocates for their children and they want me to learn more and the students in our class to learn more as well. That is a big reason why their kiddos are doing so well and transitioning into kindergarten because of their amazing supportive parents. So as you can see I have some sweet babies, but when you throw them all into one classroom it does take some monitoring and adjusting to figure out how to get your day to run smoothly.

Jeremy is doing well. He has worked all this week and we are both gearing up for his 3rd treatment this coming week. The one event he had take place this week was one of his crowns popped off. Keep in mind when you have chemo they do not want you to have any dental work in fact we even had to cancel his teeth cleaning, so we both panicked and just sat there frozen for a couple minutes after it happened. Luckily the next day he had an oncology appt and I had a dentist appt, so we talked to both and he was able to get it glued back on early Friday morning. Thank goodness because it was driving him crazy. He had some blood work done this week and his WBC(white blood cell) and platelet levels had dropped a little nothing to worry about right now, but they are going to keep a close eye on them. So please lift up prayers for Jeremy's levels to maintain in a healthy level through the chemo. We go on Tuesday morning and they will recheck them before they begin his treatment. This coming week he will wear his pump on Tuesday, Wednesday, and have it taken off on Thursday morning. We are hoping that this will help to be able to work on Saturday and then spend Sunday with me and the boys. I think it will be better doing it a little earlier in the week.

Many of you know that Ian has had a tough time the past few months and is dealing with a lot of anger. Please pray for him as we continue to deal with this. We were referred to what is supposed to be a wonderful play therapist and we will be seeing her this Monday. We were kind of on the fence with this decision, but I think in the long run it could be what he needs, someone to talk to besides Jeremy and myself. I don't want him to resent Jeremy for something that cannot be helped and it is very hard for me as a mommy to see him so upset and angry. My dad and stepmom surprised him with a trip to St. Louis in September, so this will be a good getaway for him and he is already counting down the days.

Carter is WILD as ever. I swear this week he kind of went nuts! Now keep in mind he is a perfect angel for nanny(the new babysitter that he loves!), but when we get home he is like a bull in a china closet! I have picked up diapers, Cheerios, cleaned up root beer, piles of dvds, all the contents of my purse, dog food, sour patch kids, cookies, tomatoes, etc. etc.! He is INTO everything! The funny thing is he knows it too because as soon as you catch him in the act he will start saying I sorry I sorry I sorry momma over and over and over. Now is he really sorry........uh NO, but he sure does think that will get him out of the line of fire! The other thing he has discovered is those really swell toddler proof door covers I paid 10 bucks for can be pulled right off the door and he can take off running. He pulls that door cover off the knob and says UHOH I broke it and then takes off into the garage, so needless to say we are having to keep the doors locked and garage door down all the time. Wow the joy of a wild toddler is CRAZY!

We had a great visit this weekend with Gary and Dawn. This is Jeremy's uncle that lives right outside of Houston that he is just like sometimes! Our visits with them are few and far between however I love it when we see them because Dawn and I are both scrapbook addicts, so we always hit the scrapbook stores together! Unfortunately the visit was short, but we had such a great time! The boys are still wishing Uncle Gary was still here to play with them in the yard. Not to mention Dawn is quite the pitcher! Dawn took some great pics, she is really into photography so I will be posting some pics of our visit soon! Had a great visit and we are so glad you came!

Thank yous:

*Thank you to Melissa for the great fettuccine dinner. It was so yummy!!!

*Thank you to Mags for the adorable prayer bracelet you made me. You are such a sweetie just like your momma!

*Thank you to Ashley for the Mexican dinner, you underestimate yourself in the world of cooking! It was so good and boys ate those cookies up!

*Thank you to Carlena for the delicious dinner! The boys have found a new thing to add to our menu with your beef stroganoff, they loved it!

*Thank you to Linda for the "cookout" dinner you delivered to our door and of course for your swim date you had with Ian while cooking it. He will be ready to come home with you any day of the week!

*Thank you the Mandie for inviting Ian to go to the Naturals game, he had a great time!

*Thank you to Gary and Dawn for the Mexican dinner, donut breakfast, and my adorable Dream necklace!!! I wore it to church this morning and haven't taken it off yet!!

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Reba said...

So glad to read an update. I have been wondering about you both. Glad that Jeremy has been feeling pretty good. I hope this next round goes well too. I had to smile on the class thing. I am so excited about the new year. However, if I could, I would fast forward four weeks. Those first few weeks are like a "dance" to me as we all try to find our rhythm, how we fit in the classroom scheme. We get there. It just takes some time. :) And it is really tiring until you find it...Hope you find your rhythm soon!