Sunday, August 2, 2009

World Are You Out There?

Well we have been in this house ALOT pretty much since we received Jeremy's diagnosis on June 19. Tomorrow is the BIG day when we return to work. Obviously my nerves have gotten the best of me because I am updating the blog at 11:30 at night when I should be sleeping because I have to be at work tomorrow at 8am. However I have always been one of those people that doesn't sleep good on Sunday nights and then us both returning to work tomorrow on top of it being a Sunday doesn't mix well. The nice thing is both boys are with Papaw and Tata, so it has just been a nice relaxing evening. Jeremy and I ate sushi and watched Big Brother. One thing we do a lot when the boys are gone at the same time :) is sit on the couch and eat California Rolls until we can pop! I love nights like that and of course the boys don't like sushi so they could care less that they are missing out on this!
So tomorrow I return to my WONDERFUL job with my AMAZING friends at Asbell and Jeremy will return to the job he LOVES at the Hyundai dealership. We will both be off on Wednesday morning for his 2nd round of chemo and from there we will see how our work schedules go. This will definitely be an adventurous school year for us all. Since I am a teacher we live August to August on a school year calendar rather than January to December! Juggling work, school, kiddos, many dr appts, chemo, and of course the regular activities of everyday life is not always going to be easy. Please pray for us as we get back into the routine of our somewhat normal life. We know that the next 6 months will not be easy for us, but through prayer and amazing friends and family we are going to make it.
I know that I need to make myself go to sleep so I am going to catch up on my Thank You's and a few pics I took this weekend later in the week.
Sending love and hugs to you all and hoping you have a great week!


Reba said...

I hope it goes well this week. In one sense, you will probably appreciate the "normal" routine, though it still will be a new "normal". I smiled on the sushi...we love to have it too. It is our treat to ourselves. (Our kids won't touch it) I also have the worst time with sleep on Sunday nights, probably due to my Sunday afternoon naps. :) Praying for you this week!


Jill the relay is this coming weekend. Cannot wait to honor Jeremy. I write his name in the intention book every week at church. I pray that God is watching over all of you. It has been 10 mo. since Tracy was diagnosed and she will finish up radiation on friday. Then just the Herceptin IV every 3 weeks till nov. By next August all this will be a memory but you will realize as you already do, that Prayer is Powerful. love, roxanne


Jill, please follow my blog, I will try to keep you all Happy.

The Kinards! said...

Still praying for you guys!! Hope your first week back to work goes well.