Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Discovery

So today I decided to bring my laptop with me to do some schoolwork while Jeremy got his chemo and surprise they have wireless! So here I am reporting to you live from the "chemo suite" :). Day is off to a good start. Jeremy's blood levels were good, so treatment is underway. After this treatment we are down to the single digits.........which means 3 down 9 to go! Jeremy has felt very good the past few days, so we are praying that this is going to be a good week for his chemo and that he is going to feel good. Will report back soon on that. I had promised that coming soon I would have a dedication to great friends and amazing neighbors, so today I am dedicating to them.

*Melissa-I have mentioned Melissa many times in many different posts and that is because she has done SO much for us. I can't even begin to recite the things that she has done for us. She has cooked us so many meals, snacks, and treats. She has kept the kids numerous times when we have needed to go to dr appts or Jeremy's chemo. She checks on us everyday and is the most support a girl could ask for in this time of need. Melissa has scheduled all our meals since Jeremy returned home from the hospital after his surgery(I can never begin to tell you what a help this has been to us). Just when I would begin to feel like the world was falling out from under me, Melissa would show up on the doorstep with goodies or a Sonic drink. Then if the boys were having a tough time she would show up with sidewalk chalk, t-shirts, candy, etc. God has blessed me with Melissa in my life. The funny thing about Melissa and I's story is her sister Janet and I were very good friends in elementary and junior high school. I saw Melissa in passing, but never really got to know her. Then a few years ago our principal hired a new special ed teacher and it was Melissa.......small world right! Carter was going through a lot of things medically and Melissa was there to offer support and very good advice and instantly we became very good friends. Without her I honestly don't know how I would get through each day. She also keeps me in books and magazines!!!! Ian always tells people mom hit the jackpot with Melissa because she has lots of books by her bed to read! Thank you Melissa from the bottom of our hearts.

*Ashley-Ok so this summer I had to leave my kiddos ALOT and it was hard, but anytime Jeremy needed treatment or if I just needed a night out of the house Ashley was right there to get the boys and the boys LOVE her. They are big buddies with Ashley's kiddos, Lexi(6 yrs old), Ayden(1 yr old). When I would get there to pick them up Carter would beg to stay and would hide his face so that I wouldn't see him and he wouldn't have to leave. David and Ashley have done so much for us this summer and we appreciate it so much. Ian has gone to the lake the movies and had so much fun thanks to your families!

*Kelly-Kelly and I have been friends ever since she got hired at Asbell and I can't express how supportive she is to me. Kelly is the person I called when I was driving home in my car after finding out Jeremy had cancer and when she answered I broke out into tears. She knew I was upset and was already grabbing her keys and hopping in to race to our house. When I finally gained a little control I told her that we had just found out the test came back as cancer. Kelly is someone I can always call on no matter what. Day night early late it doesn't matter. Such a blessing. Now Carter is staying at her house everyday with Nanny and Kelly's baby Kambree. So exciting that Carter and Kambree are going to get to grow up together and play and have fun. The memories we are going to have of the two of them are going to be great!

*Brandy, Jennifer, Angela, and Sharon are my tride and true amigos. They call and check on my day after day week after week. Always checking to see what we need or what they can do. I can't begin to tell you how much their phone calls, food, cards and everything else mean to us. It is so nice to know that we have these amazing support systems whenever we need. God has blessed us and having them in my life is so WONDERFUL!

Ok so I don't even know where to begin we have the most AMAZING neighbors you have ever seen. If you are not blessed with good neighbors I am so so so sorry because without ours I don't know what we would do.
*The Fisks-Ok so right next door to us we have the Fisk family and they have done SO much for us I can't even say thank you to them enough. Jim and Lisa have cooked for us MANY times. They have sent Josh their son (our new food deliver guy :) over with loads of different goodies for us to eat. We have had soup, pasta, shrimp, crab, sausage, bread, the list goes on and on and it is all so yummy! Jim has mowed our yard every week and made sure it is in tiptop shape. He mows, weedeats, and uses the blower in every place he can. I think it might even look better now than it used to.......don't tell Jeremy ;). One day I even looked out and saw Lisa blowing off our driveway, I mean I wouldn't even know how to start a blower. I mean this family is so giving. They have let me bring the boys over for a swim and have invited Ian over to play. We are so incredibly blessed to have them living next door to us and we owe them so much and appreciate all they have done for our family.

*Murphy and Angie-These are our neighbors across the street and they are so great to us! They have brought us loads and loads of groceries for us and the kiddos. We are still munching on all those snacks! This weekend we even made the yummy funnel cakes from the funnel cake kit they brought us. They have invited Ian over to play with Murphy's son Tyler MANY times! They have had a sleepover, played Wii, football, gone to the movies, swimming and the list goes on and on. I can't begin to tell you how much Ian has enjoyed his time with them this summer. We are so blessed to have them as our across the street neighbors!

Well I was a little long winded today, but I had to publicly thank these people and let them know how much impact they have had on our lives. We have had so many people cook for us, send us goodies, cards, etc. I could never thank everyone enough and it means so much to us. Please know that because of all the giving people in our life that is how we get through each day.


Reba said...

How cool about the wireless! I am so glad that his counts looked better today. And also glad we are down to single digits on the treatments...a good positive way to look at it! Hope school is getting a bit smoother. Our crew is coming tomorrow (ready or not :).


Leah said...

Love you. I've been thinking about you guys so much lately. I wish I could just be there to give you a big hug. :)