Monday, July 6, 2009

Fantastic Fourth!

Our family had a fantastic 4th! It was a good time had by all! Papaw and Tata threw a party at their pool and had lots of good food and fun! Jeremy went with us for about an hour and a half and got to eat and visit with lots of friends and family. The kids literally swam all day! Ian was in the pool from about 10:30 that morning until 8:30 that night, he got out about 20 minutes to eat and that was it. I wish I had his energy! Carter swam for about 4 hours! They were both wore out by the time they went to bed. In fact Ian said, "I am gonna be asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow." He was too! After the party we came home to shoot fireworks with our neighbors. Jeremy had his camo lawn chair and sat outside with us the whole time they shot fireworks. The boys were so excited! Needless to say we did not get in bed until almost 11:30, we were all tired. Even Nana made it through all the fireworks! Carter wasn't too crazy about the loud ones, so he would run towards the house with Nana when they started or jump in daddy's lap until they were over.

No news to report, but we should have some tomorrow. Jeremy has an appointment with the surgeon at 10:45. He will get all his staples removed and we will also schedule for his port to be put in. We are hoping that we will be able to get this scheduled within the next week or so, but not sure how long he has to wait since he just had his last surgery. I will post an update tomorrow as soon as we know something.

Thank yous:
*Thank you to Papaw and Tata for the great 4th of July party! The boys had a great time and the food was so yummy!
*Thank you to Greg and Jami for the great visit we had with them on Sunday.
*Thank you to Murphy and Angie for the firework fun and for taking Ian with them to see Ice Age on Sunday and of course for the HUGE Hershey bar he conned you into on the way home!
*Thank you to Angela for the great dinner tonight and all the "extras" that came with it!!!
*Thank you to Melissa A. for the special Wii fishing game, Jeremy and the boys were thrilled. Also thank you for being there anytime I need you day or night and being an extra special blessing in our life.
*Thank you for the wonderful guys at the Hyundai dealership. I have thanked them many times, but they continue to bless us each and everyday.
*Thank you to the sweetest church in Kennett, MO-First Christian Church. A very sweet friend of ours Kris put us on their card and prayer list and they have blessed us with wonderful cards and words of wisdom everyday. You are an amazing group of Christian friends.
*Thank you to Nana for going to the store and picking up all the things we need before she gets ready to head home on Wednesday. What a blessing you have been to us!

Pray for a good report from Jeremy's surgeon tomorrow and pray for healing on his body, so that they can go ahead and put his port in soon. Pray for strength for Jeremy and our family as the next weeks ahead are going to be bumpy. We know the next year is going to be rough, but Jeremy and I have been talking and have decided to take it day by day and week by week. Makes it much easier on both of us, to not look to far ahead.

Intercessory Thought-This came in a letter we got from First Christian Church
I know I cannot enter all you feel
Nor bear with you the burden of your pain.
I can but offer what my love does give-
The strength of caring,
The warmth of one who seeks to understand.
This I do in quiet ways-
That on your lonely path you may not walk alone.
-Howard Thurman, 20th century African-American church leader

Here are a few pics from our Fantastic Fourth!

Our Family


Our Lil Firecracker!

Good times with Papaw

Carter underwater with Tata!(yes he is completely underwater!)

Our Fish!

Jeremy and Nana catching up some reading!


Reba said...

I love all the pictures, especially the one of you and Jeremy. He looks great. I sure wouldn't know he had just had surgery! I am glad you had a wonderful 4th full of family, food, and fun. My favorite way to spend the day! Will be praying for tomorrow's appointment. Love ya!

Lori said...

Your boys are precious. I found your blog thru Kelly's Korner, I'm also in NWA, just wanted you to know that I'm praying for your family.