Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surgery Went Well

Today's surgery went well! Dr. Petrino said that the Powerport went in perfectly. Jeremy has about a 2 inch incision where it was placed under the skin. I have included a picture in today's post of what it looks like. The purple triangular piece is what was put under his skin and the white flexible tubing was inserted into a vein that delivers blood to the heart. So through this port they will be able to draw blood, inject fluids for scans, and also inject his chemo. This little thing will save lots of poking on him and he can get his chemo at home and not have to be admitted into the hospital each time he is scheduled for chemo.
Your prayers worked the surgery went well and Jeremy is feeling good. Can't move his shoulder a whole lot, but should be able to by tomorrow. We will go back to see dr. on Tuesday to have the incision checked out. Jeremy said this procedure was a piece of cake compared to the last!

Not much else to report today. Jeremy is resting, Carter is napping, and I am so tired from getting up early this morning, so thinking I am going to lay down and catch a nap. Thank you again for all the prayers and keep them coming! Will update tomorrow and let you know how he is feeling.


Reba said...

I hope you were able to get some rest yesterday. And hope Jeremy is not feeling as sore today. I am hopeful you can have a fun "staycation" at home this next week!


Thanking God all went well. Hope Jeremy is a good patient.

Love and hugs to all!!