Friday, July 3, 2009

Resting and Relaxing

Ok so nothing new to report, we have just been resting and relaxing. Lots of down time which we all needed. However the boys have had an exciting couple days. Today Ian got to go to the lake with the Lester family. Ian and Lexi had a BLAST! Ian said it was more fun that White Water, so that right there tells you how much fun he had! Then tonight they took Ian and Carter to watch the fireworks at Arvest ballpark. Lets just say that Carter had so much, he wouldn't even get out of their car when they brought him home!
Jeremy is doing good. While the boys were gone tonight, he decided he wanted to walk around the circle we live on. It was a good little walk, well in Jeremy's words probably a LONG walk. You can tell that he is still uncomfortable from the surgery, however he has made a lot of progress since coming home. I can tell that he is beginning to go a little stir crazy, but he is definitely making the best of it.
One tradition Jeremy has with the boys is he takes them shopping for their fireworks every year, so today we loaded up in the car and went to get fireworks. I of course drove, but Jeremy helped them pick out everything they wanted. Yes I know you are surprised, but they pretty much did get everything they wanted!
Hoping to enjoy a wonderful rain free 4th of July tomorrow. Our plan is to go to Papaw and Tata's for a 4th of July party. Ian is so thrilled, he honestly thinks this party is thrown just for him and in all honesty, it probably is! Ian will spend the WHOLE day over there and Carter and I will pop in and out throughout the day. Jeremy is planning to go for a little bit because it is just right around the corner from our house and then hopefully watch the boys shoot off a few fireworks later tomorrow night.
Thank yous:
*I have made a couple of amazing friends through my blog Roxanne and her daughter Tracy. They are an inspiration to me! Roxanne sent me an amazing book There's No Place Like Hope and this is book that is a guide to beating cancer in mind-sized bites. This book truly is an inspiration to us.
*Thank you to Melissa and Maggie, they brought the boys 4th of July t-shirt, sidewalk chalk, and my favorite....Sonic drinks!
*A special thank you to all the salesmen that Jeremy works with, they truly are a blessing and the most giving generous group of men I have ever met.
*Thank you to Maranda for bringing us a yummy dinner from Popeye's on Thursday night.
*Thank you to Papaw for making us a homemade peach cobbler.
*Thank you to Angela for bringing us lunch today and even stopping at 2 places so we could have Chick fil a and Carter could have McDonald's and of course the special treats you brought the boys!
*Thank you for the wonderful visit we had with Dave and Linnea today, it was so nice catching up and thank you for the Blockbuster gift card, that is going to help the stir craziness!
*Thank you to Uncle Frank and Aunt Karen for the gift cards to go out and eat. The thought of you bringing us a meal made us chuckle!!!
*Thank you to Dianna for the wonderful dinner tonight. It was such a yummy and comforting meal. Thank you for the muffins and cereal for breakfast tomorrow!
*A big thank you to David and Ashley for taking Ian to the lake today and for taking Ian and Carter to see the fireworks tonight. Our family is so blessed to have you and our kids LOVE spending time with you and your kiddos.

Well no news here, just waiting for the dr appt with the surgeon on Tuesday. At this appointment Jeremy will get his staples out and we will schedule the day to have his port put in. Some people have asked why he is having a port instead of just having the chemo injected directly into his veins. We can honestly say we don't know all the answers. However one reason is because the treatment for colon cancer is a 2 day at a time treatment, so he will go in and have the chemo inserted into the port, but will then wear the chemo for 2 days. Second it makes the chemo and all the blood draws much easier. Even though it means another procedure, Jeremy's doctor says and many other cancer survivors we have talked to have said it is a life saver on your skin, veins, and body. So for Jeremy the port is definitely the way to go.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 4th of July. Happy Independence Day! Be safe!!!

*From our new book HOPE-Cancer is a beatable, treatable, and survivable disease.


Reba said...

I don't have personal experience, but just stories I have heard, I agree about the port. A life saver for the veins.

Still praying.


Kim McGaughey said...

Jill, Kevin and I want you to know that we are praying for you guys everyday and put you on our church prayer list also. Your blog is so inspiring to me! I know what a strong couple you are and know that you guys will get through this. Please let me know what you need, I would really like to send something. Don't be afraid to ask for help, think how you have helped all of us in the past. We love you! I love that verse from Jeremiah also!

amywelborn said...

Thinking about you all the time! Enjoy your 4th!!!

Andrea said...

Jill, I am glad to hear that you are all hanging in there!! I am praying for you daily!!

One of the reasons they do the port for chemo is that chemo shrinks up your veins, in a sense. It makes it very hard to find a vein to inject chemo after so many treatments. The port makes it very accessible to get the chemo in & to get the blood draws out!!