Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well as many of you know this week was our planned family vacation and we were headed to St. Louis, so as I told you we were going to rest and relax at home, so my dear friend Reba told me just to think of it as a Staycation. We have been so lazy! I have only worn makeup on the days we had dr. appointments, lots of comfy clothes, or if you have visited my house recently Carter wears nothing but a diaper! I swear we can take that child all over town looking cute as a bug, but the moment we hit the door at home the clothes start flying! It's summer and it's hot, so who cares I guess!

Jeremy's appointment on Tuesday went well. He got the green light that his port is ready to be used. He also got that last staple out that was covered up with a scab last time we there. He was so glad to be rid of that, it had worried him silly. I know I have told you we love his surgeon, he is a great guy and hysterical. He told us that on that very morning we were there he had meet with the tumor board(apparently it's a board that meets and discusses very unusual or uncommon cancer cases). Well his surgeon had taken Jeremy's case to the board, which was interesting to us because we kept hearing this is SO uncommon and SO unheard of, but that kind of hit home and made us see how unusual it actually is. Of course I told Jeremy he is now famous and of course I get the old THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO BE FAMOUS FOR!. Duh of course I know that :), but I do like the fact that many doctors are discussing his case and this can only mean that he is gonna get many smart minds coming together and discuss his treatment and care. That is the part I love. I was very impressed by this because as a teacher when we have students that aren't making the gains they should be academically we meet as a team and discuss different options and interventions that we can begin to use with them in the classroom in small group or one on one time. So to me this is exactly what the doctors are doing with their patients.

Have I told you lately that I LOVE our new bedroom? I love it and don't tell Jeremy but I think he does too! Apparently the kids love it too because we keep finding them sprawled across the bed hanging out. The one big thing we have had to watch because it is right by the kitchen is food......we have had to make strict rules........NO FOOD IN THE BEDROOM! So far so good. Although I have heard Jeremy clearing his throat a few times reminding Ian as he turns the corner with a big bag of Doritos and then you hear Ian say "Oh yeah" in a nice sarcastic voice!

Well we had a nice surprise this week, which I am excited about and a little nervous. Jeremy's sister Melanie called this week and asked if they could meet us in Harrison on Friday and take the boys for the weekend. Ok so if I would trust anyone to take my kiddos it would definitely be Melanie she has 2 of our her own and is a wonderful mommy, but you know the protective part of me with all that is going on got a little nervous. So I had to put all that aside(and so did Jeremy) and realize that the boys need a break.....both of them, so tomorrow they are headed out to spend the weekend with Aunt Melanie, Uncle Mike, Noah, and Mallory(Mal Mal to Carter). The boys are so excited because Saturday morning they are going roller skating(one thing we have never done), that afternoon going to the creek, and Sunday going to see their Memaw and Grandpa. So excited is probably actually an understatement! I will keep you posted on how their big trip goes. Now what are Jeremy and I going to do home alone all weekend? We have no idea! One thing I am going to try and do is get their playroom finished. It looks like Toys R Us threw up in our downstairs, so I am going to tackle that while there are no kiddos here to help me or try to talk me into keeping every single little McDonald's toy!

I am way behind in my thank yous because of our internet shortage a few days ago :). So I am going to catch up in this post:
*Thank you to Sue for all the yummy deserts and the delicious homemade blueberry muffins.
*Thank you to Messamores and the Samsons for coming over and not only feeding us dinner, but cooking it right here on our very own grill. The kabobs were so yummy and the great company was Wonderful!!!!
*Thank you to Dad, Jannie, and Daniel for sitting with me at the hospital on the day of Jeremy's port placement. We had so much fun visiting I didn't even pick up my book or magazine. Also thank you to my dad for always making sure I am fed and have my Starbucks coffee :)
*Thank you to Jennifer for the yummy Mexican lasagna and salad. Also a big thank you for checking on me almost every single day. I appreciate our friendship so much.
*Thank you to Clarisa for calling and getting my grocery list. I appreciated you picking those things up for me, it meant a lot.
*Thank you to Brandy for the girls night out. Even though I kind of had to be drug and pushed out of the house, I know I needed it. We went and saw the broadway show Legally Blonde, it was so cute!
*Thank you to Ashley for inviting Carter to come over and play on my girls night out, he loved it.......obviously because I think he wanted to stay the night!
*A BIG thank you to Dad and Jannie for letting Ian sleep over for a few days. He needed a getaway from being at home and all that is going on. You could tell he was much more relaxed after being away for a bit.
*A GIGANTIC thank you to Brandy for helping me paint the bedroom and the bathroom. I could have never done it myself and also thank you for bringing all the supplies. Doing this project with you made it so much fun.......even if we did get caught painting more than we said! Also thank you for the adorable crayon holders(homemade-see pics below) and coloring books you brought the boys. They have used them everyday!
*Thank you to my mom for helping me move drawers, small furniture, clothes etc. for the big room swap, you are always there to move, sweat, clean or whatever I need at the moment.
*Thank you to my Dad for sending us four strong guys to move the furniture. And a big thank you to Bo, Greg, Shane, and Justin for moving everything for us. I know we had some crazy maneuvers, but you all were troopers!
*Thank you to Jim for taking care of our yard work last week.
*Thank you to Janette for the yummy taco dinner. Ian would not touch a taco until that night and I guess since you made them he tried them and now LOVES tacos! Kids!
*Thank you to Dave and Linnea for the delicious chicken pasta bake and all the trimmings! Also a BIG thank you for Carter's new blanket and pillow, he LOVES it! Of course so does Ian, so he is definitely wanting to put his order in for a Razorback one..........not surprised!!! :)
*Thank you to Shawn and Lori aka Red for the scrumptious chicken spaghetti and Neiman Marcus bars. When I can't fit into my school clothes I am calling you Lori ;). Please do not ask Jeremy how many I ate!
*Thank you RD for bringing us lunch the other day. It was so nice of you and meant a lot. The boys were thrilled over the corndogs!!!
*Thank you to Coby for the barbecue dinner. Your brisket was wonderful and Wal Mart makes a mean potato salad!!!!!
*Thank you to Ashley for the Penguin Ed's dinner. It was so yummy and we all loved the cookies!
*Thank you to the Moore family for the adorable card you left on our doorstep. You can imagine how many times we have heard that toilet flush!!!!!
*Thank you Kristi for the delicious dinner. I think I could eat that whole pie!!!!! Your cooking always amazes me. I enjoyed seeing you and your cute baby belly.
Told you I was a little behind :)!

This is the adorable crayon holder Brandy made one for each of the boys. Above is when it is laid out flat and below is how you can roll it up to carry in your purse or to store it. Ian's has eyeballs and Carter's has trucks and cars. They are so cute!!!

This is Carter's new blanket and pillow that Linnea made him. He loves it and as you read above she will probably be making another one!

This is our cute family plaque that Melissa brought us a few weeks ago. We already found a spot to hang it!
Our super yummy dinner with the Messamore's and Samson's. I know you wish you could eat those kabobs through the screen! Take my word for it they were good!
Bev and Jen finishing up. They wouldn't let me do a thing and looked like they might get a little violent every time I tried :)
They did let me make tea and let Jeremy fill up the cups with ice!

A few years ago a friend of our family, Cheryl gave us all a book called Prayer Portions. I have to be honest and say it sat on my shelf for quite a while still wrapped in the cellophane. However one day I was thinking on prayer and how I myself could become a better prayer warrior. I decided to take the book out and begin reading it, it is an amazing and practical resource to study prayer. Depending on the situation there are many times that prayer can be challenging and I wanted to read this to see if would help me develop into a well-rounded confident prayer. I haven't read the whole thing, but have referenced it many different times. I keep it in my bedside table and when I pulled it out tonight I saw the verse it has on the back of the book and it spoke to me, so I wanted to share it with you.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

In so many of the scriptures I have read about prayer, I feel that God is telling us so many different times and in so many different ways to call out to him, to ask him, to pray to him. There are so many different references in the bible I truly believe that God wants his children to pray to him. Knowing we have praises, needs, healing, sadness, etc. but there are SO many times the bible is just telling us to PRAY lift up our holy voices to him and pray. I know so many times we stop and think oh well I hope that works itself out or I hate it that it happened, but maybe those are the times we need to stop and lift it up to God and ask for guidance or ask for help or healing whatever the situation may be. Last Sunday the sermon at our church(which we LOVE by the way) was about becoming a better Christian and getting out there and serving our Lord and letting it be seen and letting people know that we are serving an Almighty God. Going through all this makes me want people to see that prayer is powerful and you don't have to be a saint to lift up your voice to God because he hears all his children.
Happy Friday to you all. Sending lots of love and hugs to everyone!!!!!


Reba said...

Did you know that they just added "Staycation" to the new dictionaries? Or maybe they were voting on it. Anyway, I am glad you have had a relaxing week at home.

Those kabobs look YUMMY!

I immediately thought of teachers getting together when you mentioned the team of doctors discussing Jeremy. I love that so many people are thinking about him and figuring out what to do!

Enjoy your weekend. Don't work the WHOLE time. Enjoy yourselves too. Those alone moments are rare...

Andrea said...

I am glad that the doctors are discussing Jeremy in tumor board!! You are exactly right in what they are doing...several minds are better than one!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

i am so glad to find your blog while blog hopping. I book marked it so I can come back and read your entire story....I love your design..