Monday, July 13, 2009


Ok so we have been M.I.A. and I do apologize for that. Let me explain myself. OK so a few years ago before Carter was ever even thought of we decided to move our master bedroom downstairs to be closer to Ian because he was beginning to go through that scared stage. We decided it would be easier on him and put his mind more at ease. Well when everything started going on with Jeremy and he was diagnosed with cancer, I had this brilliant idea that we needed to move our bedroom back upstairs where it is supposed to be. Well needless to say we kind of disagreed and I let it go for a few days, but if you know me and know me well it just kept nagging at me(I know that Sharon can appreciate this because when I get a wild hair to move my classroom she knows it is just a matter of days :). So basically what I am saying is I pulled rank! My friend Melissa and I had this BIG plan that on the day Jeremy was having his port put in we had 4 guys meeting at the house to move the furniture, well that plan backfired on me because when we arrived at the hospital Dr. Petrino told us that we would be home by 9:30. Operation moving rooms was then canceled. My dad sat with me on the day of Jeremy's surgery.....hence plan #2! We decided that on Monday he would send over 4 guys from the shop to move everything I needed moved. This was good because it gave me the weekend to clean the rooms out, paint, and of course break the news to Jeremy! Well in the midst of pulling things out and moving furniture I brilliantly moved our computer to an outlet that was not connected to our cable was AWFUL! We have been home ALOT lately and our one big time filler and escape is the internet and we were without. Leaving our fans uninformed!
Ok so yes I did break the plan to Jeremy and at first he was a little grouchy :) about it, but soon realized there was no stopping me. Then I get this wild idea that I need to paint, so my SUPER friend Brandy offers her painting services and we ended up painting all day on Sunday. As if this story can't get any crazier, while painting I mention to Brandy that eventually I really want to paint our master bathroom, so yes you guessed it we ran to Lowe's bought the paint and at 7 that evening we had painted the bedroom and bathroom. I was completely busted when I walked in the kitchen and Jeremy noticed the khaki paint on me......the bedroom is blue. So at that point he knew it was full makeover. For some reason I just want him to have a nice comfy place to rest and recover. It also gives us our own little special oasis to rest, relax, read, watch tv, and snuggle with the boys.
So our bedroom is now upstairs and I am trying to get everything organized. In our old bedroom downstairs we are turning that into a playroom for the boys. They share a bedroom and we thought about giving each of them their own space, but they kind of rely on one other at night, so decided to leave them together and give them a room they can destroy and then we can close the door! When I get everything settled in I will post new pics of my big project!
Now one thing I failed to mention is in the meantime not only did I mess up the internet.....big mistake, but I also realized our toilet was leaking and completely broke off our shower head. Another trip to Lowe's was in store. So tonight we are resting in our new room with everything fixed!
Jeremy is doing well. Sunday was a little rough and he was pretty tired, but today seemed much better. However Sunday we all went to church together which was so nice. He has a dr appointment tomorrow with the surgeon. He will check Jeremy's port incision and also remove the one staple that he didn't see last week. Hopefully from there he will have the go ahead that the port is ready to be used next week when we go to the oncologist.
Well as you can see it has been a busy past couple of days, so tomorrow I promise to catch you up a little more and also catch up on my thank yous. I also have a couple of cute Carter stories I want to share.
Hope you are all doing well and we can't tell you how blessed we are to have you praying for our family each and everyday.


Reba said...

I am utterly exhausted after reading all of that! Wow! You have been busy. When you mentioned you were switching rooms, I didn't realize it was quite so involved. :) Hopefully Jeremy has come around now and appreciates your intentions and the "new room". :) The boys will LOVE the toy room. It is so nice to be able to shut that door when it is a mess. Can't wait for cute Carter stories...

Justin and Jenn said...

I found your blog through another one and I was shocker- we're from the same city!! Girl, you have been SOOO busy- I'm exhausted just thinking about it. But I get that same itch every once in a while to redo everything that is "perfectly fine as it is" (or so says the Hubby).


Hi Jill, I have the bag for jeremy done except it needs a brown awareness ribbon (I researched the color). How appropriate, brown.
Maybe you will laugh. I would have picked a different color, wouldn't you?

You should have gotten the picture in your email or check out my blog as I posted it there.

Praying for all of you

donnacr said...

Jill , you really are Super Woman :-) Love to read all your updates on Jeremy and want you to know we are sending positive thoughts and prayers your way . Jeremy's port will be a big blessing so I hope all heals properly before next week . (( hugs )))

Justin and Jenn said...

Hey! The recipe is SOOOO easy. All you need is a can of biscuits, powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. There isn't an exact recipe for the glaze--I usually start with 1 cup of powdered sugar, 2 drops of vanilla, and just enough milk to make it kind of runny (not too runny though!). Using a lid from a bottle (I use the vanilla bottle lid), cut out the holes in the middle. To make the donuts, you'll need a deep fryer and fill it with oil- once hot, drop the biscuit in it and rotate it until brown on both sides- then immediately glaze the donuts. The thinner the biscuit the easier it is to cook all the way through!

Hope you have a great day!--Let me know if that doesn't make sense!

Leah said...

I just caught up from while we were gone...I think the bedroom move was a good idea and a good distraction for you, but of course, one thing always turns into another, right?

Thinking of you guys and praying for you. Love you!